The Health Research and Educational Trust of New Jersey, a nonprofit affiliate of the New Jersey Hospital Association, based at 760 Alexander Road, has received a two-year, $7 million contract from the federal Department of Health’s Partnership for Patients initiative to launch quality improvement strategies in the state’s hospitals. The contract offers a possible third-year extension.

NJHA president and CEO Betsy Ryan said the grant will provide resources, support, and a statewide framework to tackle some of the obstacles in New Jersey’s tangled — and expensive — healthcare system.

According to the NJHA, the organization will work with the Institute for Healthcare Optimization to provide flow management strategies designed to reduce stress and shortages among healthcare professionals. The contract will also cover improvements in hospital operational efficiency and healthcare quality.

NJHA’s effort will be spearheaded by Aline Holmes, senior vice president of clinical affairs and director of the NJHA Institute for Quality and Patient Safety; and Firoozeh Vali, vice president of research at NJHA.

#b#New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA)#/b#, 760 Alexander Road, Box 1, Princeton 08543-0001; 609-275-4000; fax, 609-452-8097. Betsy Ryan, president & CEO.

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