After more than a year of relative inactivity, the New Jersey Communications Advertising and Marketing Association is trying to re-establish its presence, and is calling for entries into the annual awards contest.

Open to creative advertising and marketing professionals around the state, the ASTRA awards are CAMA’s yearly nods to the best work in the field. The deadline for entries is Tuesday, January 26, and is open to work from any individual, company, or organization that created advertising, communications, or marketing during 2008 or 2009. You do not need to be a CAMA member. Fee: $90 per entry, unlimited. Visit, or call 609-275-4070.

CAMA’s activity dipped along with the economy in general last year, according to the group’s public relations manager, Joe Beim of Beim Communications in Kendall Park. Beim says increased workloads for many of CAMA’s members slowed the group in 2009, but under the continuing leadership of president Bill Petzinger of ETS, the group is reclaiming its place among New Jersey’s creative marketing professionals.

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