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Niksun CEO Arrested

When police came to arrest Parag Pruthi on Friday,


30, a camera crew was parked in front of Pruthi’s Cornwall Road office

to do an interview about how his company had just made the top 100

list at Computerworld magazine. Instead, the crew filmed Pruthi’s

arrest. The president and CEO of Niksun Inc. was charged with


criminal sexual contact, criminal restraint, and lewdness. He is free

on $50,000 bail.

Detective James Ryan of the South Brunswick Police Department is


the complaint from a 32-year-old female employee. Because Pruthi held

supervisory capacity over the alleged victim, the first charge was

aggravated criminal sexual contact, a third degree crime that carries

a maximum penalty of five years in prison. The second charge, criminal

restraint, is also a third degree crime, punishable by up to five

years. "The victim said she was restrained and that he made


contact with various parts of her body," says Ryan.

Other employees have been interviewed and several of Pruthi’s


were electronically monitored before the arrest was made. "We

realized the severity of the charge and the potential effect it could

have on the company, and we took extra precautions to establish


cause," says Detective Ryan. "We are trying to work with the

company to maintain its normal operation while the investigation goes

on and are hopeful that they will cooperate with the


"I credit this woman’s courage in coming forward; criminal sexual

contact is an underreported crime nationwide," says Ryan. "She

questioned whether anyone would follow through on her concerns and

complaints. You have to think — what would push a victim to go

to a strange agency and discuss intimate details of such a traumatic

event and trust that she would get justice."

John Sullivan of the Sterling Hager public relations firm says that

Niksun Inc. has "complete confidence in the legal system"

and that it would be premature to comment at this time. Efforts to

contact Pruthi’s attorney, Joseph Benedict of Benedict and Arnold

on Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, were not successful.

Pruthi grew up in New Delhi and Old Bridge; he went to Stevens


Class of 1987, and has a master’s in computer science. He earned a

PhD in telecommunications from the Royal Institute of Technology in

Sweden. He was a frame relay expert at Bellcore and then started a

consulting firm, Qmetrix. Along with a couple of senior engineers,

he founded Niksun Inc. in 1997, naming the firm after his two sons

(U.S. 1, April 26, 2000).

Pruthi’s novel approach to networking is often described as


With such clients as Morgan Stanley, Daimler Chrysler, and AT&T, his

firm offers non-intrusive network monitoring — monitoring that

can be used when tight security is needed, or merely when performance

levels need to be checked.

Located in a box that looks like a router, the products unobtrusively

gather information from the network and can work in a multi-vendor

environment. Among Niksun’s products is NetVCR, which does what a

VCR does in the home — record and play back later. Another


Net Detector, is a next-generation non-intrusive Internet monitoring

and response program. Each of the products costs from $15,000 to


and the consulting services that go with them range from $100,000

to $1 million. Pennsylvania Power & Light and Roseland-based Hamilton

Scientific are among the buyers for these products.

Founded in 1997, Niksun doubled its headcount in New Jersey in less

than one year and now has more 100 employees in two offices, one on

Cornwall Road and the other on North Center Drive. It also has 80

employees at sites in Santa Jose, California, and Gurgaon, India.

The company recently received $27 million in second round financing,

led by California-based Redwood Ventures, and had talked of going

public. Pruthi predicted revenues of $20 million this year.

Three or four months may elapse before Pruthi’s case is presented

to a grand jury, says Detective Ryan. Asked whether this case could

be settled out of court, Ryan would only say that the potential always

exists: "Police cannot control all the variables that occur, in

any particular case, between an arrest and a trial."

— Barbara Fox

Niksun Inc., 111 North Center Drive, North


08902. Parag Pruthi, president and CEO. 732-821-5000; fax,


Home page: www.niksun.com

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Expansions: TAH Industries

TAH Industries Inc., 8 Applegate Drive,


08691. Terry A. Horner, president. 609-259-9222; fax, 609-259-0957.

Home page: www.tah.com

TAH Industries doubled its space with a move to 87,000 square feet,

a new Matrix Development facility on Applegate Drive. Employing about

100 people, this 25-year-old family-owned firm is the leading


in the United States for motionless mixers and cartridge systems used

in a wide variety of industries — automotive, pharmaceutical,

food, waste water treatment, and dentistry, to name a few.

Terry Horner is president, and his wife Anne Marie is the vice


With the move, they consolidated operations from three buildings at

107 North Gold Drive and opened a lab for product and adhesive


The company also has a division in Rushden, Northhamptonshire, Great


For motionless or "static" mixers, two components are pushed

through a nozzle. Dentists use them for dental materials; Breyer’s

and TCBY use them to mix ice creams and yogurts; and road construction

crews use them to make stripes on the road. Robots can also use these

cartridge-style dispensing guns.

American Re Corporation, 555 College Road East,

Box 5241, Princeton 08543-5241. Edward J. Noonan, president, CEO.

609-243-4200; fax, 609-243-4257. Home page: www.amre.com

The reinsurance company has signed a lease for 40,000 square feet

at 150 College Road West, in the Patrinely Group’s building.

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New in Town

Liberty Communications Network Inc., 50 Millstone

Road, Windsor Corporate Park, Suite 110, East Windsor 08520.


fax, 609-918-9411. Home page: www.medicalcrossfire.com

This 11-person medical education company moved from Freehold to East

Windsor. It offers debates, dinner meetings, teleconferences, audio

and video programming. The company’s Medical Crossfire journal

has a circulation of about 91,000 primary care physicians.

Travel Goods Association, 5 Vaughn Drive, Suite

105, Princeton Junction 08540. Rob Holmes, director of professional

and administrative services. 609-720-1200; fax, 609-720-0620. Home

page: www.travel-goods.org

Formerly known as the Luggage and Leather Goods Manufacturers of


the Travel Goods Association had been located in the heart of the

garment district, in the Empire State Building. Citing the new focus

on an expanded membership (any products relating to the travel


and the "spiraling cost of operating in New York," it moved

to Vaughn Drive. On its web page, the trade group carefully notes

how the proximity of its office to the Princeton Junction train


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Management Moves

Shuttle America, Trenton Mercer Airport, West


08628. Dave Greso, station supervisor. 888-999-3273; fax,


Home page: www.shuttleamerica.com

Scott L. Durgin is the president of the reorganized Shuttle America.

He replaces CEO David Hackett and Barry Lutin, the president, and

they are among the main investors in the financially troubled


airline. private equity group, Wexford Capital of Greenwich,


has received permission from bankruptcy court to buy the airline on

Friday, December 7.

"It’s a chance to run the whole show," Durgin was quoted as

saying. He is a former vice president of customer service with Mesaba

Aviation in Minneapolis. Shuttle America’s three planes fly under

the name of U.S. Airways now. Shuttle America has $23.2 million in

accumulated debt. It is the 10th airline to fly out of Mercer County

Airport; it currently has flights to Philadelphia and to Hanscomb

Field, near Boston.

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Contracts Awarded

FrontLine Technologies Inc., 3131 Princeton Pike,

Building 4, Suite 201, Lawrenceville 08648. Kris Subramaniam,


609-912-0004; fax, 609-912-0307. Home page:


Frontline Technologies has made an alliance with Enterprise Technology

Solutions in Horsham, Pennsylvania. Frontline will provide a planning

service called Joint Application Development that identifies potential

problem areas early in the software development process.

With 40 employees, Frontline installed a mission critical E-service

system for the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging, a 400-person agency

funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (www.pcaphl.org). It

has such clients as Rohm & Haas, Comcast Cable, FMC, and Toys ‘R Us.

Frontline is five years old and ETS was founded more than 20 years


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Leaving Town

Integro Services Inc., 200 Cottontail Lane,


08873. 732-748-1200; fax, 732-748-9363. Home page:


In November the staffing company consolidated and moved its office

from 3120 Princeton Pike to Somerset. In addition to office support,

it works with scientific, technical, IT and executive placements.

Besides the headquarters in Parsippany, there is a second branch in


Cambridge Hydrodynamics Inc., Box 1403, Princeton

08543-1403. Reba Orszag, president. 609-683-1515; fax, 609-897-9745.

Cambridge Hydrodynamics has moved from Princeton Meadows Office Center

at 666 Plainsboro Road and is no longer located in Plainsboro, but

a company spokesperson says mail can be sent to the post office box

and declined further comment. The company’s projects have included

simulation of combustion of liquid fuel rockets and advanced



Chemunex Inc., 1 Deer Park Drive, Princeton


Plaza, Monmouth Junction 08852. Pascal Yvon, president. 732-329-1153;

fax, 732-329-1192. Www.chemunex.com

The sales office of Chemunex Inc. has closed, and calls about its

chemical and reagent products are being taken by K&R Technologies,

at 97H Monocacy Boulevard, Frederick, Maryland 21701 (800-396-4275).

Chemunex has rapid and ultra-sensitive alternative methods for


in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and cosmetic industries.

This office used to be known as Micromation. Arrangements between

Chemunex and K&R are being negotiated.

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Alexander Kirichenko, 45, on November 28. He was a


manager for Crest Ultrasonics on Scotch Road.

Raymond W. Reich, 63, on November 30. He worked for


Radiology and with his wife had owned the Jan-Ray Deli on Route 206.

Carl Lawrence Danbury, 74, on November 30. He was an


broker and agent for the Gandelman Agency on Whitehead Road.

Michael John Beaumont, 24, on December 1. He worked for

Besam Automated Entrance Systems on Twin Rivers Drive.

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