The Newgrange Family of Schools has consolidated onto a new Hopewell campus.

Three entities focused on empowering students with learning differences and assisting those who educate them are consolidating their operations on a new campus in Hopewell.

The Newgrange School, based in Hamilton; and the Laurel School and Robinowitz Education Center, in Kingston, are part of a single educational organization and will now also operate under one roof as The Newgrange Family of Schools. The new campus is located just off the Scotch Road exit of I-295. Mercer Oak Realty handled the construction of the new space.

“Our new location, with a modern building, acres of green space, and wetlands will allow us to help more students and educators reach their potential — intellectually, socially, and emotionally,” Newgrange CEO Tim Viands says.

This integration will allow the Newgrange Family of Schools to fully come together in its celebration of “cerebrodiversity,” a term coined by former executive director Dr. Gordon F. Sherman.

Cerebrodiversity refers to the idea that human brains are diverse, and that this diversity creates an adaptive advantage when we leverage our unique strengths. It allows educators, in particular, to think about and discuss dyslexia beyond the “disability model.” Appreciating the cerebrodiversity of students enables the Newgrange Family of Schools to provide the best education for students with a wide range of learning differences.

“We have been dreaming about a new and bigger space for so many years,” Head of School Dee Rosenberg says. “We are really excited to have all of our faculty working together, sharing their expertise, and providing evidence-based practices for one campus.”

The Newgrange School was founded in 1977 by Lois Young and Fran Benson to support students who had language-based and non-verbal learning differences. In 1991, with evidence that the teaching strategies in use at Newgrange were effective, the Robinowitz Education Center was founded as a way to promote those strategies in the educational community.

The Laurel School was added in 2012 to focus on students who have language-based learning differences like dyslexia and dyscalculia, as well as co-existing conditions like ADHD and executive functioning skills deficits.

“We are excited to join the Hopewell and Pennington community as the premiere resource in the community for students who learn differently, as well as reach our neighbors in Bucks County and surrounding Pennsylvania counties,” Viands says.

The schools are currently accepting applications for the 2020-21 school year. Visit

The Newgrange Family of Schools, 800 North Road, Hopewell 08534. 609-566-6000. Tim Viands, CEO & Head of Schools.

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