by James Levell

My doctor tells me four drinks a day will kill me,

or make me alcoholic.

Sounds like hyperbole,

and not very metabolic.

Health Nazis abound in every sphere, ever since the sixties,

with all their “do-nots” they will turn us into pixies.

No smoking, no drinking, don’t touch the meat;

no driving, no flying, beware of global heat!

Get thee to a sweat lodge, reduce your carbon footprint;

buy less, walk more –– do an African Aids stint.

Only the carnal escapes the baleful glare,

the more, the better, it’s okay to stare.

Forget the hard-earned rules of the last 6000 years,

the unhappy lives, abandoned wives and all the children’s tears.

Commissar will tell you what freedom is, and if you deserve to have it;

remember the White Goddess, she forbids a celibate habit.

For the last 10 years Levell has been attending public lectures at Princeton University. “I have come to know the school, the town, and a number of the people rather well. In addition my wife and I attend the summer concerts sponsored by the community. And she has exhibited her photographic artwork in a number of New Jersey venues, including the Princeton Arts Council, the Nassau Club, 1860 House, Ellarslie, Mercer County Community College, Trenton, and Lambertville.”

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