The following letter was directed to Jianping Wang, the newly appointed president of Mercer County Community College who was profiled in the August 12 issue of U.S. 1

With many thanks to U.S. 1 for making you the front page story of the August 12 newspaper. Congratulations to you for having become the president of Mercer County Community College. No doubt, the right person for the right job, which is to bring more education to anyone interested in learning.

Your background lends itself perfectly for one to motivate disadvantaged, even discouraged, individuals of either gender, of any age, anywhere, to seek and pursue worthwhile education. It is the purpose of the Straube Foundation to show those individuals how. And it’s in this respect that I would like to ask you to maybe make an occasional contribution or two to our blog, which is read worldwide, by the way with substantial readership in China, at:

We would be greatly honored if you did so, and I’m sure that thousands of prospective learners will be grateful for whatever advice you might be able to give. Thank you very much, and all the best to you in your new job!

Win Straube

The Straube Foundation,

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