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New Look at Windsor Park

Over the winter the Charles Kaempffer family added 30,000 square feet to Windsor Industrial Park, which now totals 337,000 square feet. Among the new and expanded tenants are two family businesses – Sophisticated Chocolates with 6,840 feet and Hollow Metal Doors with 3,420 feet. Other new tenants are Besam Automated Entrance Systems with 14,000 square feet, and two other companies with 3,420 feet – Billtrust and Samtee. The new building is full but elsewhere in the park are vacant units with 12,000, 10,000, and 18,000 square feet.

Chris Kaempffer did the leasing for Kaempffer Realty Group in Freehold, founded by his father in 1967. A 1992 graduate of the University of Arizona, he has been with the family firm since then. Michael McCloskey (the founder’s son-in-law) is the manager of the park.

The company developed nearly 600,000 square feet, including office buildings in Freehold and Twin Rivers at 569 Abbington. In Princeton Junction it is developing a 10,000 square foot office building, and it is seeking approvals to develop 170 acres in Monroe Township.

Windsor Industrial Park Associates, 92 North Main Street, Building 13, Windsor Industrial Park, Box 445, Windsor 08561. Michael McCloskey, manager. 609-448-4913; fax, 732-625-1060.

Billtrust, 92 North Main Street, Building 19-E, Unit E, Box 480, Windsor 08651. Flint Lane, president. 609-580-0050; fax, 609-580-0041. Home page:

Billtrust tripled its space with a move from 51 Everett Drive to a new building in Windsor. Currently it has 25 employees. "We needed a mix of corporate industrial and we got some good rates," says Flint Lane, founder. "It’s a new building – nice space, designed just the way we need it."

Billtrust has grown to 25 employees. "We have a great solution that the market is being receptive to," says Lane. The firm has automated invoicing and statement systems for small and medium-sized businesses.

Hollow Metal Doors & Metal Specialties, 92 North Main Street, Windsor 08651. Elroy Stombaugh, president manufacturing. 609-443-4747; fax 609-448-8843.

When its landlord sold the building at 2666 Route 130, Hollow Metal Doors moved to a similar-sized space, 3,400 square feet, Windsor Park, and it has a new phone and fax. The firm sells metal doors and frames, wood doors, and builders hardware, and its clients are lumberyards, laboratories, and dealers of hardware and doors and commercial building supplies.

The three person firm is family owned and run. Elroy Stombaugh, 62, grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and moved to Maryland. He began installing doors and frames, went into production, and founded his own firm 12 years ago after working for a similar company that went bankrupt. His wife does the computer work, and one of their three children, Mark, runs the shop.

In his inventory are some 300 doors. "Home Depot has two sizes of doors, and we have every size, from two feet on up," says Stombaugh. His doors at home? At the front, a Stanley steel insulated door, and at the back, "swing-out" Anderson French doors that they found in a lumberyard.

Sophisticated Chocolates Mfg. Inc., Windsor Industrial Park, Building 19, Unit G, Box 458, Windsor 08561. Robert P. Hicks, president. 609-443-4747; fax, 609-443-8762. Home page:

A family-owned private label candy maker – who sells at both wholesale and retail – moved from 2,500 feet at Windsor Industrial Park to 6,820 feet in the same park. "We added more stores to our wholesale client list, and we are developing a chain of David Bradley Chocolatiers," says Marcy Hicks, who owns the firm with her husband, Robert. The stores are in Edison, Cherry Hill, Voorhees, Manalapan, and Springfield. "Hopefully in a year and half my husband and I will bail out and go to Florida."

They will leave behind their daughter, Christine, who will manage the manufacturing arm, and younger sons David and Bradley, after whom the retail stores are named. David, 33, has a finance degree and worked at Charles Schwab before joining the family business. Bradley is the computer person.

The difference in chocolates here? "First of all," says Hicks. "freshness. A lot of companies manufacture their candy, freeze it, defrost it, and then sell it. Each one of the stores manufactures their own chocolate fruit, made to order within the hour. And over the years we blended milk and dark chocolate and came up with a taste that is pleasing to just about everyone who walks through the door.

The company moved on Friday, August 20. From 10 people now, it will grow to 25 people for the busy seasons – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Walk-in customers may buy chocolates at the Windsor site.

Besam Automated Entrances Systems, 92 North Main Street, Box 519, Windsor 08561. Mike Sherry, district manager. 609-443-5800; fax, 609-443-7597.

Earlier this month Besam moved from 84 Twin Rivers Drive to an address in Windsor. Phone and fax are the same. It offers sales and service for automatic swing, slide, folding and revolving doors manufactured in North Carolina.

Samtee, 92 North Main Street, Building 19, Unit F, Windsor 08561. Sanjay Thapar, owner. 609-918-1515; fax, 609-918-1616. Home page:

Sanjay Thapar imports leather goods – accessories, such as wallets and bags – and jackets made in India and China. He moved his two-person firm from New York City in April and occupied temporary space until the new building was finished. Expansion would have been expensive in Manhattan, and the Thapar family – with two school aged daughters – are residents of West Windsor.

A 1983 graduate of ASD College in New Delhi, Thapar came to this country in 1986. His customers are discount retailers and wholesalers all over the world – including South America, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. In fact, he is looking to hire a manager who is fluent in Spanish.

But like the shoemaker’s child who has no shoes, Thapar admits to using the same wallet for the past five years.

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