Times have changed. People are busy. Meeting new people is difficult — and at a time when people can be in touch with each other 24/7, the technology helps to keep people connected … but not on a personal level. It’s hard enough to keep up with friends, let alone find true love. That’s where New Jersey Singles comes in.

“In the past, dating services were taboo,” says New Jersey Singles Lawrenceville Director Jill Grossman. “Now with everyone’s busy lifestyle, it has increasingly becoming the way of the future.”

If online dating sites haven’t been getting results, the matchmakers at New Jersey Singles say it is time to jump start the process with a different approach. With locations in Lawrenceville, Bridgewater, Colts Neck and Hackensack, they have taken matchmaking, one of the oldest professions, and updated it for today’s world. They have removed the guesswork and uncertainty that internet dating sites provide.

“People don’t really understand what matchmakers do,” says Grossman. “It is different from an online dating site in every way. We work with each client personally to help them achieve their individual relationship goals.”

“Internet dating is two-dimensional and impersonal,” says Grossman. In fact, she says, “Some sites use computers to pull key words from applications and don’t use people in the screening process at all.”

“People are really getting tired of online dating,” Grossman says. “The more that we speak with people who inquire about our service, the more we see that they are just so discouraged with the quality of people that they are meeting, as well as the whole process of online dating. It becomes a full-time job of weeding out the game players, liars, serial daters, and married people, something that our service filters out.”

Part of the problem may be just how web-centric our society has become. “People have changed a lot. They hide behind their computers. Their whole life is about Facebook, text messaging, and e-mails,” Grossman says. As for the people they tend to find online, “They live in a fantasyland, never meeting, but writing endless e-mails and texting and considering this a relationship.”

So why get stuck in the same rut as last year? The holidays are quickly approaching. Do something different so something different can happen to you. That’s where New Jersey Singles’ matchmaking service can help empower singles to make a change by taking their life into their own hands, and proactively seeking a meaningful relationship now — not procrastinating and waiting for it to magically happen.

At New Jersey Singles’ Lawrenceville location, Grossman meets with and interviews potential members themselves. While people on the internet can lie about every aspect of themselves and their lives, New Jersey Singles conducts thorough criminal background checks on every person so possible problems are eliminated before a date is ever set or two people ever meet. “We work with our clients, and spend time to get to know him/her. We build a profile,” says Grossman, “and we won’t introduce them to someone who doesn’t meet their criteria.”

Through the interviews and background checks, the staff at New Jersey Singles can make sure that potential candidates are who they say they are, and that their intention is for a long term relationship. Members go through an extensive interview to discuss the personality qualities and traits, along with physical build of their ideal mate, and are encouraged to be exceptionally selective. They are matched according to common interests as well. “Internet dating sites can’t do that,” says Grossman. “At New Jersey Singles once a match is found, our clients talk on the phone to get comfortable with one another before they even meet.”

Just like dating used to be, not the impersonal texting and e-mailing of today and online sites.

“It’s hard to meet people,” says Grossman. “Our members are not online; they’re busy professionals and retired professionals out living their lives and coming to us to help them find not just a date, but more of a life partner.”

New Jersey Singles’ members love the confidentiality, they don’t want their pictures and profiles posted all over the internet. It is private and personal, and clients remain anonymous until they are matched up and introduced to one another.

“We love helping our clients make the most important decision in their life and that is choosing the right person to spend the rest of their life with,” says Grossman. Call New Jersey Singles at 1-888-417-0020 to make an appointment today or visit them on the web at www.newjerseysingles.com!

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