Lawmakers have created a job training program offering help for the unemployed and underemployed to learn more marketable skills. The law, sponsored by state senators Troy Singleton and Linda Greenstein, was passed by the senate.

“Now more than ever we need highly skilled workers in New Jersey,” said Singleton (D-Burlington). “Since the recession many people lost jobs, some of which no longer exist. We need to retrain workers to be able to work in positions that are available now, but may require that extra technical or career education. This pilot program will especially help those who are unemployed, displaced, or disadvantaged by helping them gain employment and improve their long-term career prospects.”

“One of the Department of Labor’s major functions is administering funds for workforce development programs. These programs mainly seek to help displaced or disadvantaged workers gain employment, or help those already employed improve their long-term career prospects,” said Greenstein (D-Mercer/Middlesex).

The bill would direct various government agencies to create a program for workers who want to obtain a career and technical certificate on an accelerated schedule. The program calls for 20 industry recognized certificate programs that can be completed in a year.

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