May 30: “Soap” — A steamy 15-minute short from England that involves a burglar lured into a bath tub by the owner of a burgled property. With an introduction and question and answer (Q+A) session by director Christopher Brown.

“Forever into Space” — New York based director Greg Locke’s 110-minute film about an over-educated and under-employed 20-something film blogger who attempts to make sense of her life in New York City during a period of unprecedented societal change and cultural shifts. Introduction and Q+A session by actor Kelly Sebastian and Locke.

May 31: “Journey to the Place of Birds” — North Plainfield filmmakers Erik Wrobel, Nick Chupko, and Robert Takleszyn’s 20-minute animated comic book-inspired story follows a hero’s search for enlightenment at the Place of Birds. Introduction and Q+A session by the filmmakers.

“M Cream” — New Delhi, India, based Agneya Singh’s independent feature-length film of four university students’ pursuit of a mythical form of hashish.

June 5: “Tick Tock” — Zeynep Kocak, from Turkey, created this 9-minute animated film of an elderly man who devises and idea to break his routine and end his loneliness.

“Moving Day” — Texas-based Louis Hunter’s 15-minute exploration of a break-up and its affect on one’s wellbeing.

“America’s Blues” — St. Louis director Patrick Branson’s 84-minute documentary explores the impact of blues music on American culture.

June 6: “Inside the Frame: Portrait of Photographer Linda Troeller” — Canadian filmmaker Jeff McKay’s 43-minute portrait of the New Jersey photographer. With an introduction and Q+A session by Troeller.

“When Things Go Wrong: Robin Lane Story” — the 80-minute documentary from Tim Jackson from Somerville, Massachusetts, explores the life of rock musician Robin Lane, an innovator who fronted her own male band, was noted as one of the top performers of 1979, and spent five decades failing, succeeding, and reinventing herself. Lane and Jackson will introduce and discuss the film.

June 7: “U H F” — Plymouth, Massachusetts-based David Ellis’s 5-minute meditation on analog and digital technologies, originally shot in B&W Super-8 and transferred to digital.

“Enfilade” — Australian David Coyle’s 10-minute story of a man awakening to find a red all, a revolver with one bullet, and a room that loops back to itself.

“Nocturne” — Toronto-based Saul Pincus’s 117-minute film about an insomniac who falls in love with a sleepwalker. Pincus will introduce and discuss the film.

June 12: “Up in a Plane” — Rachel Moore from Victoria, Canada, used painted glass to create this 9-minute film about a young girl biking, flying, and dancing through various scenes and locals of 20th century. And

“Dream On” — Palisades, New York, director Roger Weisberg’s 99-minute film follows actor and comedian John Fugelsang’s retracing of the path of French author Alex de Tocqueville — who after traveling American in the 1820s defined America as a place of economic opportunity — and looking to determine if the potential still exists. Fugelsang and Weisberg will discuss their conclusions with the audience.

June 13: “Waste Paper” — Aliso Viejo, Californian Derrick Pete’s 8-minute cartoon where discarded cartoon illustrations gather to battle their animator.

“Cinderella, A Shadow Ballet” — California musical artist White Widow re-invention of 1922 animation pioneer Lotte Reiniger’s 14-minute silhouette film version of Cinderella.

“Keeper of the Past” — German director Marco J. Riedl’s 29-minute supernatural film of a farmer, a stranger, and a music box with a secret.

“Secrets of Llewellyn Park” — West Orange’s William Davis mixing of the contemporary and historical to create a 40-minute film that mixes ghosts, Thomas Edison, elephants, and killer turkeys. With an introduction and Q+A session by director Davis.

June 14: “Milking It” — New York City’s Fredgy Noel’s 9-minute dark comedy of a woman who seduces men in order to befriends their mothers.

“The Ten Plagues” — San Francisco director Serena Shulman’s 10-minute film of a young woman who fights her way through the Ten Plagues on her way to a Passover Seder.

“Test” — New York City director Jay Lifton’s 10-minute film of a man taking a test at a mysterious facility where the test and the interactions with the facilitators become increasingly obscure.

“Natural Insemination” — Crosby Selander (from Los Angeles) helmed the 17-minute farce of a married couple desperate to create a child together. “The Cat’s Cradle” — New York-based David Spaltro’s 15-minute story of another young couple attempting to conceive and their romantic evening turning into a night of confessions and betrayal. With an introduction and Q+A session by screenwriter/actor Tawny Sorensen and director Spaltro.

“Lashes” — London filmmaker Christine Sherwood’s 20-minute film that follows a young woman’s collusion of identities. Sherwood will be on hand to discuss and answer questions.

“14 Days” — Lakewood’s Joseph Villapaz’s 54-minute experimental feature film about relationships, characters, life-changing issues, and a location that binds them all. With an introduction and Q+A session with director Villapaz.

Films are shown 7 p.m. in Voorhees Hall #105, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, $8 to $10, free food courtesy of Jimmy Johns will be given out prior to this screening of the New Jersey Film Festival. For more information, go to

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