As the population — and success — of women business owners grows in New Jersey, our communities will continue to build on themselves and contribute to the development of still more confident women, running thriving, thoroughly accepted businesses.

Dubbed “New Jersey’s Most Powerful Network” by Business News New Jersey, NJAWBO (The New Jersey Association of Woman Business Owners) is the largest statewide women business owners’ organization in the United States. Our mission becomes more important than ever when we examine the increasing opportunities for women, ups and downs of the economy, fast-paced changes in technology, and unique challenges woman business owners face today.

Since 1978, NJAWBO has helped women achieve their business visions by providing them with the tools to develop and grow their enterprises. As of today, NJAWBO has grown to approximately 1,000 members due to our hallmark experiences of networking, partnering, leadership, education, and political advocacy.

Within the Mercer Chapter our goal is to provide events and meetings to our members that offer inspiration and ideas to help them build their business and enhance their role in leading their business. Each year we have an annual planning session with our members to hear what programs would be of most value to them; from there we plan our calendar of events.

We try very hard to create our calendar in a way that enables our members to match their availability with our programs. For instance we offer breakfasts, lunches, and dinners because each business owner’s availability is different. We also have specialty events such as our Marketing Roundtable and Explore NJAWBO, and over the past year we established Mastermind Groups to provide our members a more intensive forum to build their business.

Our success in large part is due to a powerful, diverse blend of members and sponsors who are the catalyst to our growth and whose businesses support our communities. Our special thanks to our sponsors for their financial and business facility support: Phrog Fitness, Ameriprise Financial, McCaffrey’s Supermarket, TD Bank, and Wilkin & Guttenplan P.C.

For the Mercer Chapter; we are all about Connect … Build … Learn. Please visit our website to learn more about our chapter, sponsorship opportunities, and calendar of events.

NJAWBO, Mercer Chapter. Cheryl Patnick, president. See ad, page 11.

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