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New in Town: Cline Davis and Mann

Cline Davis and Mann, the Manhattan ad agency that

has to its credit the Viagra commercial featuring Bob Dole, has opened

a satellite office in the Carnegie Center, where it will focus on

accounts with Bristol-Myers Squibb, American Home Products Corp’s

Wyeth-Ayerst division, Jansen Pharmaceutica, and Johnson & Johnson.

The 16-year-old firm does advertising only for pharmaceutical


It added $17 million in new business since January.

The Princeton office will be run by three managing partners: Kyle

Barich, Gerry McLaughlin, and Ashley Schofield. While at CDM, Barich,

director of client services and a graduate of the University of


managed two of the biggest growing Pfizer brands — Norvasc, the

antihypertensive, and Cardura, another hypertension drug.

McLaughlin, the creative director of copy, launched his career at

CDM in 1990 after many years as a professional writer, working for

newspapers as well as documentary films. He worked on product launches

for Lipitor, Norvasc, Diflucan (an oral treatment for yeast


and Neumega, the first platelet growth factor in oncology. An amateur

magician, he graduated from the University of New Mexico.

Schofield, creative director of art, left the magazine world to join

CDM in 1993, where she worked on several product launches, as well

as commercials for Bain de Soleil and Ben Gay. She has a degree from

Syracuse University and now lives in Princeton.

CDM of Princeton, 214 Carnegie Center, Suite 304,

Princeton. Kyle Barich, director of client service. 609-514-9292;

fax, 609-514-9393. Home page:

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ETS’s Cole Retires

After 10 years at Educational Testing Service, including

five years as president, Nancy S. Cole has announced she will retire

in June. Cole says she promised her family — husband James W.

L. Cole, and their grown son — that by the year 2000 she would

move back to their home in Colorado and devote herself to skiing and


Still, the announcement — made at a scheduled two-day board


— came as a surprise to the ETS family. Board members were


expressing disappointment at her decision to leave and appreciation

for her accomplishments.

"ETS has built a sound financial foundation, we’ve completed a

record year with computer-based testing, we’ve increased our


to our customers, and ETS has continued to address important —

though often perplexing — issues facing education today, says

A. William Wiggenhorn, chair of the ETS board of trustees and


of Motorola University.

Cole has said she will stay until her successor is found, and a


has been formed to begin a national search. "We’re grateful Nancy

has agreed to remain until her successor is in place — allowing

ETS to continue to move forward with new initiatives and with no loss

in momentum," says Debra W. Stewart, vice chair of the search

committee and dean of the graduate school at North Carolina State


Cole is one of the highest ranking women in the greater Princeton

business community (U.S. 1, June 16, 1993). The daughter of Texas

public school teachers, Cole is a graduate of Rice (Class of 1964)

and has a PhD from the University of North Carolina. She taught at

the University of Pittsburgh, was dean of education at the University

of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), and worked at ETS’s major competitor,

the American College Testing program (ACT), most recently as assistant

vice president.

She came to ETS in 1989 as one of two executive vice presidents and

was appointed president in 1994, the fourth president in the


of the world’s largest private educational measurement institution.

Annually it administers more than 11 million tests in some 181


has an annual budget of $496 million, and it has more than 2,000



But she took over at a time when ETS had just had its first ever major

layoffs. In 1993 Cole’s predecessor, Gregory Anrig, laid off more

than 250 workers or nearly 10 percent of the workforce. This happened

because the federal government sharply reduced fees for processing

federal financial aid forms, effectively ending a 35-year contract.

Now Cole points to the organization’s "strong financial


and progress to a "break-even bottom line" after several years

for budget deficits

Cole says she believes she leaves ETS "well-positioned for the

tumultuous changes that all of education will likely face in the


years." She points to success in thinking about assessment in

new ways, "learning how to build and deliver assessment based

on the needs of users rather than relying on our traditional modes,

and learning how to produce assessments that yield information that

users most want and need." Among the new ideas put forward by

ETS is a new way for college admissions departments to consider the

test takers — by analyzing their backgrounds and creating a


for "strivers," students who are overcoming obstacles in their

background to achieve success.

Under Cole’s tenure, ETS completed a $75 million building program,

spun off its first for-profit subsidiary, the Chauncey Group, and

continued a strong forward push — with millions of dollars spent

for retooling — to computer-based testing. For instance, the last

paper test for the Graduate Record Examination was given in April,

1999, and the GRE’s writing assessment went online in October, 1999.

Last year ETS gave a computer-based test to the one-millionth person.

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AAA Central-West Jersey, 5-A South Gold Drive,

Robbinsville 08691. Frank Minella, director of business services.

609-890-2816; fax, 609-587-7345.

The association’s headquarters at 2 South Gold Drive will change a

warehouse type building into a modern 35,000 square foot operations

and communications center with a new facade. To be added are a


exercise room, fitness room, and showers. The building will house

the full-service travel center and insurance and automotive services.

The groundbreaking was in December.

BelAir Partners LLC, 71 Tamarack Circle,


Knoll, 08540. Sheldon Sandler, managing director. 609-252-1125; fax,

609-252-1322. Home page:

The investment banking firm is tripling its space, moving from 122

Commons Way to 4,000 square feet at 71 Tamarack Circle. Sheldon


the managing director of the six-person firm, specializes in


industry mergers and acquisitions.

Blue Dot Services, 1590 Reed Road, Pennington


Ken Brink, general manager. 609-737-9004; fax, 609-737-1494.

Blue Dot Services, which sells heating and plumbing systems, moved

from 1589 Reed Road to a bigger warehouse space across the street

at 1590 Reed Road. Headquartered in Florida, Blue Dot Services bought

National Service Pros in March 1999.

Healthcare Employees Federal Credit Union, 101

Campus Drive, University Square, Princeton 08543. John Dawidowski,

CEO. 609-951-0700 or 800-624-3312; fax, 609-275-4194.

The credit union — one of the fastest growing — has opened

its doors to workers at non-healthcare related companies in the


vicinity, or within 25 miles of its headquarters. Among its members

are a college, various trade associations, and some manufacturers.

It has $45 million in assets and more than 25,000 individual members.

After the banking regulations loosened the restrictions on credit

unions, HEFCU added such services stocks, mutual funds, IRAs, and

performance-based lending.

"We are telling employers of all sizes that this credit union

is a great employee benefit that doesn’t cost the employer a dime

to implement," says John Dawidowski, who has been CEO of the


union since 1985, when it was a two-person organization.

Kafko Manufacturing, 2 Marlen Drive, Robbinsville

08691. Mark Gress, plant manager. 609-587-5800; fax, 609-587-6664.

To double its line of production of in-ground liners and covers for

pools, this manufacturing company moved from a 21,000-square-foot

space at 2 Marlen Drive to 2560 East State Street, Trenton, 08619,

where the company will have 42,000 square feet to work with. The phone

and fax numbers are the same.

Mirronex Technologies Inc., 4390 Route 1, Second

Floor, Princeton 08540. Sonny Injaty, president. 609-243-0300; fax,

609-243-0380. Home page:

This company has moved from 118 Tamarack Circle to 4390 Route 1. The

phone and fax numbers are new. It does networks and systems design

and integration.

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New in Town

Brian M. Cige, 475 Wall Street, Princeton 08540.

609-683-5475; fax, 609-683-5474.

Brian M. Cige has opened a satellite office in Princeton for his


law firm. His practice emphasizes employment law, general practice,

and civil litigation.

Farrell & Thurman, 714 Executive Drive, Princeton

08540. 609-924-1115; fax, 609-924-5266.

James M. Farrell and John L. Thurman left Mason Griffin Pierson to

open their own office. They focus on labor and employment law.

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Management Moves

Spalding Associates, 220 Alexander Street, Suite

2, Princeton 08540. Barbara M. Spalding, senior vice president.


fax, 609-497-1274. Http://

Barbara Spalding has sold her 11-year-old insurance agency to one

of the state’s largest agencies and is now senior vice president of

Bollinger Inc. Bollinger is the 30th largest insurance agency in the

United States, and the 15th largest privately held agency. Based in

Short Hills and founded in 1876 it has 180 employees. Although it

is a full-service insurance agency, Bollinger focuses on insurance

products for students of all ages, amateur athletes, and golf and

country clubs.

Bollinger quintupled its premium volume in nine years, going from

$51 billion in 1990 to $250 billion in 1999. It insures more than

1 million students and student athletes, 2 million softball players,

1.7 million youth soccer players, 100,000 umpires and officials, and

900 golf and country clubs. Students can handle their insurance


using the company website.

Spalding Associates, with nine employees on Alexander Street, will

be a separate division and will continue to offer employee benefit,

life, and group insurance. "I felt this was an opportunity to

offer new and expanded services to our customers," says Spalding.

Spalding — the daughter of a marketing research analyst and an

Esquire magazine journalist — started out in the insurance


as an international expert. She majored in international studies at

Tufts, spent college terms in Paris and Tokyo, and has a master’s

degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

In one of her first jobs she was a political risk underwriter for

a major insurance firm, insuring United States businesses that were

investing overseas. At the time there was considerable unrest in Iran

and the Far East. "We had to determine what the characteristics

of the business were and how likely certain perils would occur —

such as government acts of expropriation or civil act of unrest."

At her own agency, she focuses on benefits packages for United


firms. "Now when I put together a benefits package for a


says Spalding, "I have a very broad perspective and the ability

to understand the needs of many different types of businesses."

The Associates (AFSCI), 2225 Route 1 South, North

Brunswick 08902. Doug Scott, senior vice president. 732-821-8540;

fax, 732-821-8663.

AVCO Financial Services has been sold to a firm in Dallas, Texas,

and is now known as the AVCO division of the Associates. As one of

13 full-service branches it does consumer, real estate, and mortgage


Bartolomei Pucciarelli LLC, 2155 Brunswick Pike,

Lawrenceville 08648. James Bartolomei, partner. 609-396-2480; fax,

609-396-5974. Home page:

Bartolomei Pucciarelli LLC, 358 Wall Street,


Park, Princeton 08540. Michael S. Pucciarelli, partner. 609-924-2641;

fax, 609-924-6568.

Forrester, Pucciarelli & Braddock, located in Research Park, and


& Croghan have joined forces and have a new name. The main office

will remain on Brunswick Pike, and the Research Park office will


as a branch. Another branch will be in Ocean Township.

In addition to a full range of accounting services, Bartolomei


will offer financial software program installation and training,


on tax issues and financial planning, help for new businesses to set

up a corporate finance structure, development of business plans, and

ongoing consultation services.

COSAC New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services

for the Autism Community Inc., 1450 Parkside Avenue, Suite 22,

Ewing 08638. Paul Potito, executive director. 609-883-8100; fax,



Paul Potito is the new executive director here. He was president/CEO

of the Center for Non-Profit Corporations, a 600-member umbrella


on Livingston Avenue in North Brunswick, and has been executive


of the Arc of New Jersey, the state’s largest advocacy and service

provider network for those with developmental disabilities. Potito

majored in sociology at Upsala College and has a master’s degree in

special education from Kean University.

MIIX Healthcare Group Inc. (MHU), 2 Princess Road,

Lawrenceville 08648. Ken Koreyva, president and CEO. 609-219-1111;

fax, 609-219-6727. Home page:

The medical liability insurance provider has appointed Ken Koreyva

to president and CEO of the company. He had been acting CEO since

the former CEO, Daniel Goldberg, was arrested on drug possession


(U.S. 1, November 10, 1999).

Koreyva "spearheaded the company’s conversion and led us through

the entire process of going public," said Vincent Maressa, MIIX

Group chairman. "Through his efforts, we made the largest


of stock to our policyholders of any medical professional liability

insurer, with the average physician receiving $15,000 in stock."

An eight-year veteran of the MIIX Group, Koreyva had previously served

as executive vice president and CFO. The MIIX board also announced

that it had approved a separation agreement with Goldberg.

Rider University, College of Business


2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville 08648. Mark Sandberg, dean.

609-896-5152; fax, 609-896-5304.

David A. Tierno, retiring chief human resources officer for Ernst

& Young, has volunteered to join Rider’s College of Business


as an executive advisor to the dean to help create the Center for

the Development of Leadership Skills. The CBA disseminated 4,000


to people representing different hierarchical levels to assess what

kind of skills lead to success and how to acquire those skills. The

results are due back at the end of January.

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Crosstown Moves

AKOR Company, 284 Jacobs Creek Road, Lexington

Square Commons, Box 3166, Titusville 08560-3166. Gene Klim, president.

609-818-9495; fax, 609-818-9496.

This manufacturing company for the chemical and pharmaceutical


has moved its sales office from 2135 Route 33 to a temporary,


office at 284 Jacobs Creek Road in Titusville. The phone and fax are


Arthur Andersen LLP, 5 Vaughn Drive, Princeton

08540. 609-419-4000; fax, 609-987-9008.

The global consulting firm has closed its office at Suite 200, 103

Carnegie Center, but plans to reopen it in the near future — not

at 5 Vaughn Drive, as was reported earlier, but at 650 College Road.

Meanwhile, there is an operating office at 101 Eisenhower Parkway,

Roseland 07068, 973-403-6100.

Atmel Corp., 202 Carnegie Center, Suite 103,


08540. Kenn Pilczak, director of sales. 609-520-0606; fax,


The field sales office for Atmel Corp., manufacturers of


based in San Jose, moved from 101 Carnegie Center to 202 Carnegie

Center, Suite 103. Phone and fax are the same.

Electrochemical Society, 65 South Main Street,

Building D, Pennington 08534-2896. Roque J. Calvo, executive director.

609-737-1902; fax, 609-737-2743.

This 7,000-member society for advancing the theory and practice of

electrochemical and solid state science and technology has moved from

10 South Main Street to 65 South Main Street in Pennington.

Highland Computer Center, 9 Scotch Road, West


08628. Min Fu Liao, owner. 609-883-9898; fax, 609-883-5906.

The seller of IBM-compatible computers moved from 2901 Brunswick Pike,

Route 1 Plaza. Phone and fax are the same.

IFP North America Inc., 100 Overlook Center, Suite

400, Princeton 08540. J.C. Rolin, human resources manager.


fax, 609-987-0204.

This petrochemical process licenser will move from Overlook Center

to 650 College Road. It is a subsidiary of a French firm, IFP


of New York, and was formerly known as Hydrocarbon Research Inc.

Frances M. Merritt, 4454 Route 27, Kingston 08528.

609-924-7753; fax, 609-924-7743.

Frances Merritt, who had opened a law practice in Kingston in January

of 1999, has joined Stark and Stark at 993 Lenox Drive. Her new number

is 609-896-9060. She focuses on family and divorce law and mediation

and had worked with Katzenbach Gildea & Rudner (now Fox Rothschild)

and Wills, O’Neill & Mellk before opening her own practice.

Unixpros, 201 North Center Drive, North Brunswick

08902. Dinesh K. Mittal, director-consulting division. 732-951-0701;

fax, 732-951-0704. Home page:

The computer consulting firm moved from 3530 Route 27 in Kendall Park

to North Brunswick.

Visual Media Group, 113 Broad Street, Hightstown

08520. Roger J. Mauro, president. 609-918-1100; fax, 609-918-1101.

Home page:

This multimedia design firm moved from 10 Jefferson Plaza to 113 Broad

Street in Hightstown. The phone and fax are new.

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Name Changes

Printeek Printing and Imaging, 29 Emmons Drive,

Building C-30, Princeton 08540. Dhiraj Visaria, owner. 609-520-8311;

fax, 609-520-8312.

This printer, formerly known as PrePress Xpress, has changed the name

to Printeek Printing and Imaging.

Professional Writers Alliance, 10 Tally Road,


08619. Robin Levinson, president. 609-584-9330; fax, 609-584-9330.

Home page:

The Mercer County Writers’ Collective has changed its name to reflect

its makeup and mission. It has a membership of 50 people who make

their living using words. An online directory is available at the


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W. Robert Strickland, 52, on December 9. He was director

of used car operations at Coleman Oldsmobile.

John D. Cranston Sr., 70, on December 17. He worked at

the law firm of Pellettieri, Rabstein and Altman at Nassau Park.

Albert B. Kahn Jr., 53, on December 18. He was an attorney

in Trenton.

Touffic H. Allen, 72, on December 21. He owned the Light

Gallery at the Princeton Shopping Center.

Frank A. Grillo, 48, on December 22. He owned Grillo’s

pub in Hamilton.

Lawrence E. Stern, 75, on December 23. He was state deputy

commissioner of banking and insurance and former state deputy attorney


Mary Jane MacKinnon on December 26. She had worked at

Educational Testing Service.

Dawn Renee Keisling, 29, on December 26. She was a


accountant and financial manager with Bristol-Myers Squibb on Scudders

Mill Road.

George H. Van Doren, 82, on December 29. He was a partner

in J.C. Van Doren & Sons, a Hopewell lumber business.

Robert J. Pinto, 63, on December 30. He practiced law

at the firm of Pinto and Butler at Montgomery Knoll.

Robert Saxon, 75, on January 2. He worked for American

Cyanamid, translated technical documents, and wrote for U.S. 1


(see page 4).

William T. Haupt and Sharon Haupt, both 56 years

old, in an airplane accident on January 4. He was a pilot with United

Airlines and she was a retired school librarian with Princeton



Robert Cooper-Smith, 76, on January 4. He was chairman

of the board of the Carrier Clinic and a former vice president and

director of planning at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

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