When considering a preschool for your child and especially a Montessori school, make sure it’s the one that follows the true principles developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.

New Horizons Montessori follows Dr. Montessori’s methodology, making it an authentic program and a champion of academic excellence in your child’s quest for knowledge. The school is a member of the American Montessori Society (AMS); all its lead teachers, at both campuses, are certified by leading Montessori institutes.

The Princeton Junction location (near the train station) was founded in 1998 by its director, certified Montessori teacher Mrs. Shaheen Syed, who has more than 25 years of experience. To serve the growing interest in the program, the school expanded to Montgomery in 2000. Montgomery accepts children at eight weeks old; Princeton Junction at 18 months; both run through Kindergarten.

What makes the Montessori method special is a holistic approach to a child’s development. It takes into account a child’s whole personality, not just rote skills. There’s a focus on interacting with other children, grace and courtesy, and developing independence, amongst other things.

At New Horizons Montessori, a child’s independence is promoted, which develops his/her confidence and a willingness to learn. The classroom environment and activities are such that a child is never bored, and therefore there’s little conflict or behavioral problems. The teacher creates a personalized lesson plan for each child, and then acts as the guide to make sure the child is learning and then to move him/her to the next lesson. There are no cookie-cutter lesson plans in Montessori. Instead lessons are based on the belief that each child is different and learns differently, and that’s embraced and celebrated. There are no bars as to how far a student can go, or how early.

Another benefit of the Montessori method: multi-age grouping. Children in a three-year age span are in the same classroom, creating role models for younger students. When a 3-year-old, for example, sees a 6-year-old mastering a skill, the younger child gets motivated and is not shy to try the same, when its his turn.

Practical life lessons perk children’s motivation by doing things they see in the real world. Children learn to pour, sift and scoop, for example, all the while adding, counting and more to create a teachable moment. Fine motor and hand-eye skills are developed as well, and when an apple is cut into a number of slices and passed around – children also learn to share.

Parents interested in learning more may make an appointment for a tour at either campus. They’ll see neat and clean classrooms free of distractions in beautiful surroundings taught by certified Montessori teachers, many of whom have been with New Horizons Montessori for more than a decade.

Both Princeton Junction and Montgomery are accepting new students, so inquire today. Regular school starts on August 31.

Give your children the genuine Montessori experience at New Horizons Montessori. Call today to arrange a tour.

New Horizons Montessori, 59 Cranbury Road, Princeton Junction. 609-275-8666. 12 Vreeland Drive, Montgomery. 609-252-9696. www.nhmontessori.org. See ad, page 13.

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