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New at Windsor Corporate Park: HCI

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PERQ/HCI and AC Nielsen/HCI

No other company surveys television viewers like


— the Nielsen television ratings occupy a space of their own.

And a company that started in Princeton, PERQ/HCI, can claim a similar

space in pharmaceutical marketing.

That 20-year-old firm is now owned by a Nielsen firm and is used by

virtually all the pharmaceutical ad agencies to plan and buy media.

One of its services has been spun off as AC Nielsen/HCI.

Until recently both firms have nestled in an office building next

to the Mercer Mall, but they needed more space, and they needed the

space to be prestigious, to reflect the Nielsen name.

On March 1 both companies moved from 12,000 square feet at Lawrence

Commons to 13,930 feet at Windsor Corporate Park at 50 Millstone Road,

the former GE Astro site that is slowly but surely filling up and

is more than 50 percent occupied in its new life. Sab Russo and Matt

Malatich of CB Richard Ellis represented the landlord, and Walter

Schoenberg of Cushman & Wakefield represented the tenant.

The two firms (both owned by the $4 billion conglomerate VNU) have

50 people — 17 for Nielsen and 43 for PERQ/HCI. "The new


we are moving into is definitely more upscale," says Marshall

Paul, founder of both firms. "We not only needed more space but

a better corporate image."

Paul founded the first company in 1982 as HCI Healthcare


Inc., and he sold it in 1997 to VNU. When HCI merged with VNU’s PERQ,

Paul became chairman of PERQ/HCI. Last year Paul was asked to spin

off one of the services that he had launched, a tracking service that

monitors the effective advertising in the pharmaceutical industry,

and now he is president of that new firm, AC Nielsen/HCI. George


(pronounced karns) is general manager of PERQ/HCI.

Paul, the son of a Philadelphia patent attorney, majored

in economics at Dickinson College, Class of 1960. He has three


and three grandchildren and lives with his wife in Yardley. He worked

for Merck and then for 16 years at a major pharmaceutical research

firm, IMS, which does prescription audits and documents the sales

of all the companies.

In 1982 Paul and his then-partner acquired a firm that was in


but owned a jewel, a media (readership) audit.

Now PERQ/HCI’s online audit of pharmaceutical advertising helps ad

agencies to create media schedules. "We do the research on the

physician’s readership habits. That is gold when it comes to where

agencies allocate their advertising dollars," says Carens.

Carens has dual titles; he is also vice president of product


and marketing of Standard Rates and Data Services (SRDS), the media

information services provider. SRDS publishes ad rates for general

and trade publications and even billboards. "We aggregate


from anywhere you can think to advertise," says Carens, "and

then we publish it. SRDS is the Nielsen of rates and data." Carens

supervises 210 employees, including those at SRDS headquarters in

Chicago, 43 people in Princeton, and a sales and client service office

in Manhattan.

Carens’ parents had a family business in Chicago. He went to Northern

Illinois University, Class of 1985, where he also earned an MBA, and

he lives near Chicago with his wife and three children.

"PERQ/HCI has an office in the Princeton area because it is a

central location for manufacturers, and agencies and publishing


are in the area. It is close to New York as well," says Carens.

"When you think of the research as well as back office production,

this is a perfect location for recruiting employees, yet it is central

to our clients in both Princeton and New York."

Meanwhile Paul is happy to be in the innovation seat once more.


going back into a major company — VNU is a $4 billion operation

— suddenly you are now more involved with the bureaucracy. I


enjoyed the independence of a small company, but at this point I am

doing what I love doing — developing new products and marketing

to the pharma industry. Now I am helping the other Nielsen


develop services and market them to the pharmaceutical industry."

ACNielsen/HCI measures response to overall campaigns, including


(sales rep calls on doctors) and non-journal media. Of the top 50

pharmaceutical companies, 33 are clients. "Our niche is to help

them to understand how successful their promotions are to physicians

and consumers," says Paul. "We use a direct mail


We photograph the ad campaigns to physicians, mask out the names of

the products, and find out the degree to which the physician can


the campaign and identify the drug. We have an audit that tells us

how much money was actually spent on each campaign so we can develop

awareness recall norms based on spending levels."

If you are spending $10,000 on a campaign with 30 percent recognition

is that better or worse than $10 million and 40 percent? You are


off with the less expensive campaign, says Paul. "We have curves

that show what the norm should be, and it is more like 60 percent.

We are able to show how successful the campaigns are relative to the

money spent. We then get involved with the degree to which the


are imparted to the target audience."

"The next part of the service is where we match up the respondents

to the actual prescribing activity. Then we determine return on


showing sales response to advertising."

Paul notes that the key factor is to marry the quantitative with the

qualitative and that competitors don’t match prescription records

with the promotions. "This is the direction in which the industry

is going," says Paul. "Ad campaigns live and die on our



— Barbara Fox

ACNielsen/HCI (VNU), 50 Millstone Road, Building

100, Suite 300, Box 5273, Princeton 08543. C. Marshall Paul,


609-630-6450; fax, 609-630-6456.

PERQ/HCI Research (VNU), 50 Millstone Road,


100, Suite 300, Box 5273, Princeton 08543. George Carens, general

manager. 609-630-6440; fax, 609-630-6456.

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Also New: CBIZ KA Consulting

CBIZ KA Consulting Services, a healthcare consulting

firm, moved from 2540 Route 130 in Cranbury to 13,200 square feet

at Windsor Corporate Park. CBIZ is a middle market national benefits

and accounting firm that merged with KA, a Cleveland-based national

firm, in 1999. Another of its divisions, CBIZ Valuation Group, is

at 989 Lenox Drive.

This office works with 100 hospitals in the tri-state area to provide

reimbursement and finance advice — to ensure accurate and timely

billing. "The hospital’s chief financial officer is our client.

We help collect the information for patient services, set the charges,

negotiate the contracts with the HMOs and how the charges will be

paid," says Sam Donio, president. "Then we help them interpret

and follow the government regulations for payment for Medicare and

Medicaid. We make sure the payments are made according to the


and the regulations. We even help compile the information if the


is short of medical records staff."

Donio grew up in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens, in Hammonton, where his

father was an attorney. He went to St. Joseph’s, Class of 1980, and

has an MBA from Monmouth University, and he and his wife have two

children. He worked at a hospital for a year before joining the



Donio sees no end to the need for his service. "People have


our demise for 20 years," he says. "But the federal government

spends $300 billion for year on healthcare. And there is nothing that

the federal government spends that much money on that does not have

red tape." Red tape can also be profitable for the insurance


he notes. The longer the delay in processing claims, the longer


companies can hang on to their money.

CBIZ KA Consulting Services (CBIZ), 50 Millstone

Road, Windsor Corporate Park, Building 200, Suite 230, East Windsor

08520. Sam Donio, president. 609-918-0990; fax, 609-918-0930.

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Other Tenants

Windsor Corporate Park, the former home of GE Astro,

has 287,000 square feet of space for tenant use and is 56 percent

occupied. Tenants include four insurance companies, four firms


to the publishing business, a software company, and an engineering


Utica National Insurance, Building 200, Suite 240.

Gary LaRouche, district claims manager. 609-308-4500; fax,


Regional claims office.

Maximus, Building 300, Suite 200. 609-918-2800.

Health education and enrollment into government-sponsored HMO


Commonwealth Business Media, Building 400, Suite

200, Alan Glass, chairman, president, CEO. 609-371-7700; fax,

609-371-7879. Business-to-business database information,

directory and trade publications.

Liberty Communications Network, Suite 110. Glenn

Kapuscienski, general manager. 609-918-9400; fax, 609-918-9411.

Branded medical education company is owned by Cardinal Health.

Infragistics/ProtoView Development, Building 200,

Suite 150. Dean Guida, president. 609-448-2000; fax, 609-448-2017. Software developer and seller.

ExpertPlan, Building 400, Suite 100. Tim O’Brien,

CEO. 609-918-2500; fax, 609-918-1328.

Web-based application service provider for retirement planning


Bala Consulting Engineers, Building 300, Suite

100, Gregory J. DeMarco PE, executive vice president. 609-490-8950;

fax, 609-490-8955. Multi-discipline consulting

and engineering firm, commercial office space for the higher


pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

OSI Collection Services Inc., Building 100,

Frank Boni, director of operations. 609-426-4165.

Collections company.

Westby, Holman & Cameron Esqs., Building 300, Suite

140. John Westpy, interim manager. 609-371-1533; fax, 609-371-9107.

Staff counsel for Hartford Insurance.

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