When the left and right sides of a child’s brain develop at different rates, it creates an imbalance known as Functional Disconnection Syndrome (FDS).

The effects of FDS make themselves known through your child’s learning and behavior. When FDS occurs, children struggle with learning and behavioral challenges including dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, OCD, PDD, Asperger’s syndrome, Tourette’s, even high-functioning autism. And treating these conditions has historically been ineffective, costly, and frustrating.

But thanks to a new understanding of brain imbalance, led by Dr. Robert Melillo, Brain Balance Achievement Center in Pennington offers real solutions based on a revolutionary, non-medical approach to bringing both halves of your child’s brain into balance. Dr. Melillo, creator and co-founder of Brain Balance, is a world renowned chiropractic neurologist, professor, author, and researcher in childhood neurological disorder who developed his non-medical solution when his own child was diagnosed with ADHD.

Brain Balance Achievement Centers’ program is a 12-week, after-school program for children in grades K-12, designed to help your child overcome his challenges using simple and fun physical, sensory, and academic exercises that stimulate the weak side of your child’s brain. Children attend three one-hour sessions per week, and each program is designed specifically for every individual child, based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation sensory, motor, auditory, and visual skills.

With more than 60 centers nationwide, Brain Balance has helped thousands of children conquer their challenges and overcome blocks to behavior and learning, and help them improve in school. Brain Balance Achievement Center of Princeton-Pennington is operated by Dr. Vincent Kiechlin, who has studied with Dr. Melillo. Dr. Kiechlin specializes in working with children with neurological issues at his Peak Chiropractic Neurology practice in Princeton.

Another component of the program is nutrition. “We make sure that each child enough nutrients to grow new brain tracks,” says Kiechlin. “Exercising the brain makes it grow new connections. It is the basis of all learning.”

To learn more call 609-737-1310 or visit www.brainbalancecenters.com.

Brain Balance of Princeton-Pennington, 21 Route 31 North, Suite A2, Pennington. 609-737-1310. www.brainbalancecenters.com.

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