Web Game: Good Choices for Teenagers

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Nettech Hires co-founder of Logic Works, Leon Podolsky

Leon Podolsky, co-founder of Logic Works Inc., is the new vice


of research and development at this company, which enables wireless

data applications. Podolsky, who had also worked at the Sarnoff


brought to market the leading client/server relational database


and design tool, ERwin, and stayed at that company when it became

a division of Platinum Technology and later Computer Associates. He

has a BSE in computer science and electrical engineering from


and a Wharton MBA.

"His expertise in building database and Internet products outside

the wireless space adds a new dimension to our development


especially as wireless and Internet technologies converge," says

CEO Boris Fridman. "He strengthens the management team with his

experience in running a large development organization for a public


Nettech Systems Inc., 600 Alexander Road, Princeton

08540. Boris Fridman, president. 609-734-0300; fax, 609-734-0346.

Home page: http://www.nettechrf.com.

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Web Game: Good Choices for Teenagers

Web designers don’t usually deal with angels and devils,

but for this religiously-oriented computer game, programmers drew

wings and cloven hooves. Princetec has programmed an interactive


game for teenagers, the Choice Game, which sells for $19.95 and


values and making the right choices in life


"An angel comes on the screen and guides the teenager in the right

direction, and a demon character tries to mislead the teenager,"

says Mohan Reddy, president of Princetec Inc., a 65-employee software

consulting firm that has expanded from Jefferson Plaza to 3,500 feet

at Route 1 South. About 15 people are working in the office and 50

are at client sites.

Princetec ordinarily works on more mundane projects. For Internet

application development and E-commerce, it has such clients as Lucent,

AT&T, and Chase Manhattan Bank. "We get called when they need

to implement a system very quickly," says Reddy. "They want

to bring in talent without training people. We hire people who are

trained in latest technology and they get going in the project without

any learning curve." Princetec is hiring people skilled in Java

script, XML, HTML, website design, and Oracle.

Reddy co-founded Princetec with Srini Nemani and Raj Sajankila. A

graduate of Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Class of 1975, he grew

up in HyderAbad (South India) where his father worked for the


Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, Reddy wants to open a shelter

in Trenton and equip it with computer networks to help homeless and

poor people get back into mainstream jobs.

An experience at St. Paul’s Church on Nassau Street put him in touch

with Kathy DiFiore, who developed the concept of the game for a


she created 18 years ago to help unwed mothers. DiFiore appealed to

the congregation at St. Paul’s and when Reddy responded she invited

him to Lady’s Rest, a daytime shelter, to set up some computers. When

DiFiore found out what Reddy did for a living, she asked him to get

his company to complete the game and get it to market. Reddy put six

people on the project."

"We did it on a pro bono basis," says Reddy. The bonus, for

the company, is that the employees learned new skills. "If the

game does well, we will get paid back." The game has both a


and a church-related version, and the latter is being marketed through

parochial schools. Reddy — who has one grown child and one


— admits that the Choice Game may not immediately top teens’


"Parents are to guide them," says Reddy. "They should

direct the kids to play the game."

Princetec Inc., 4365 Route 1 South, Princeton


Mohan Reddy, president. 609-720-9800; fax, 609-720-9899. Home page:


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