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‘Net-Ready Video: Interactive


Interactive media is "where the power of the Internet

comes into play," says David Japka, media manager at Midi

(, the multimedia development company at 100 Thanet

Circle. A key component of that is going to be video.

"Video is an exciting, dynamic medium, and until recently distribution

has been through the broadcast air waves on television, or by distributing

a VCR tape," Japka says. "Some things that the computer does

exceptionally well that the television has no capacity to offer include

features such as integration with a database."

Japka will demonstrate how to create Internet-ready video files from

Betacam source material using Windows Media and RealMedia Technologies

at the next meeting of Moving Image Professionals, on Thursday, May

4, at 6:30 p.m. at Midi’s office. Call 609-924-8417. Cost $10. Jack

Noon, president of Midi, will also discuss the differences between

streaming video and interactive multimedia.

"Companies with Intranets and access to the Internet can make

use of video information by delivering it right to the user’s desktop,"

says Japka, who studied documentary film at Temple University and

has been working in industrial television and film for most of his

career. "In this new paradigm, a training video could be put on

a computer server and made available through the Intranet, so a user

would never have to leave their office."

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CFOs & Technology

Imagine the cost-savings to your business if you could

hold meetings over the Internet or screen job applicants online. These

are just a few of the possibilities that CFOs will discuss on Tuesday,

May 9, at the New Jersey Technology Council meeting at Arthur Andersen

in Roseland. Call 856-787-9700. Cost: $40 (

Leading the discussion is Robert Olanoff, CFO of RecruitSource

( in Edison, a company that ranks and tests

job applicants using online applications. "I’ve been in technology

companies my entire career," he says, "and the last few years

the issue on the table is how to find and keep people. Instead of

placing an ad and receiving a 100 resumes, now you’re faced with a

billion resumes. Instead of sifting through all the resumes, our system

does that for you." RecruitSource fields resumes and sends E-mails

to promising job candidates pointing them to an online test that will

further confirm their competencies. The best candidates are then ranked

according to skills, and turned back over to the company. "We

say we save you 80 percent of the preprocessing time."

Four other companies will be spotlighted at the meeting:

of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ( and of East Rutherford (,

two companies specializing in bringing voice, Internet, and data service

vendors to businesses on the web, (, a service

for online video conference and polling, and Paramax in Red

Bank, which provides web-enabled software serving sales and marketing


Still needed in today’s glutted E-business world are websites that

help bridge the gap between businesses and the services that they

require, says Olanoff. "As the Internet environment matures, I

think you’ll see more of the Teldata examples — more ways to price

quote over the Internet," says Olanoff. "You see a lot of

that for consumers, but not as much for businesses."

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