From the beginning to the middle — that’s right — we have hit 30 years and hopefully only the middle! The middle brings new members, new ideas, and new practices to Fennelly Associates as we celebrate in 2016 our 30th anniversary servicing the Greater Princeton commercial real estate market.

Thirty years represents proven long-term delivery of consistency, reliability, and performance to our clients. We inspire our clients to reach for greater results with their interests and needs in real estate, whether it is tenants realizing new facilities and enhanced leases, to helping grow companies as they expand for future needs. Further, Fennelly Associates is highly recognized regionally for its representation and marketing of an extensive array of office, industrial, and technology assets locally and nationally.

Here are specific quotes from our clients:

1. Fennelly Associates saves us time and money in our real estate decision making strategies, they bring forth a wealth of helpful information that educates us in our decision making.

2. Working with Fennelly Associates affords us a one-stop opportunity to evaluate and execute national growth plans.

3. Fennelly offers me seasoned veterans in the corporate real estate field.

4. I make a call to Fennelly Associates and I hear back almost instantly, if not immediately on the first call!

In the last few years we have brought on new college graduates to our commercial real estate sales team. Young energy brings a wealth of new ideas, specifically in the arena of social media and electronic marketing. In addition, new talent drives us all to think twice, think differently, and consider new options — a good opportunity for all of us to grow and develop with the exchange of new and seasoned vision. Our expanded team has enabled us to broaden our marketing strategy to include in-house produced video and expand our reach globally through social media.

New ideas follow new economies as ours is growing stronger with expanded property management services, global servicing outreach through NAI, our Global Partner since 1999, and our financial commitment to the ongoing training and development of our employees to service all aspects of commercial real estate needs for our clients.

NAI Fennelly. 609-520-0061.

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