Vital Resources for Basic Care

Social services are a crucial need all year long, not just at the holidays. Since its founding in 1920, Mount Carmel Guild provides residents in the greater Trenton and Mercer county area with resources in vital basic care areas such as home health nursing and nutrition.

Executive Director Mary Inkrot outlines the value of their health care program. “In 1941, the Guild began operating its visiting nurse services. Originally staffed by four Sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Infant of Jesus, the program is continued today by registered nurses who visit home-bound older individuals living throughout Mercer County. Our program seeks to improve the quality of life of our patients by increasing their medical stability and safety in their own home, so they may age in place independently with grace and dignity. We assist low-income, frail individuals aged 60 years and over with many economic, medical, and social needs.”

Mount Carmel Guild nurses provide care coordination involving the family, all medical practices, pharmacy, and other social services. Our services decrease the number of unplanned hospitalizations and premature placements into nursing homes.

Inkrot stresses, “Our registered nurses are a lifeline and offer more to our patients than just medical care. They routinely check for signs of elder abuse, food insecurity, isolation, and safety hazards. They provide comfort and companionship to those who are lonely and make referrals to other services such as Meals on Wheels, transportation to and from medical appointments, and full-time home health assistance, if needed. Our low-income patients are not charged for our services, nor do we seek reimbursement from a third party. We rely upon generous donations from the local community to fund the majority of the program costs.”

Inkrot relates a case study that dramatically sets out the lifesaving resources that the Home Nursing Program provides. “Gertrude and Walter (pseudonyms) are in their early 90s and are each other’s caregiver. Recently, Gertrude was hospitalized, but was soon sent home after her recovery. Walter tried his best to handle her aftercare and look after their home, but he was soon overwhelmed. Fortunately, Corinne Janoska, the director of our Home Health Nursing Program, visits with the couple regularly. After Gertrude’s return home, Corinne looked through her discharge packet from the hospital and discovered an overlooked paper prescription for an antibiotic that was necessary for Gertrude’s recovery. Corinne was able to fill the prescription on behalf of Gertrude and get her treatment back on track. Our nurses regularly fill in gaps in care and ensure medical directives are followed. By tending to the patient in their own home, the nurses are able to effectively care for the patient, prevent unnecessary hospitalization or institutionalization, and increase the well-being of not only the patient, but their caretaker as well.”

Mount Carmel Guild offers relief to individuals and families in both chronic and temporary crisis. Reaching out is the first step to finding help.

Mount Carmel Guild of Trenton, 73 North Clinton Avenue, Trenton. 609-392-5159.

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