You love your back yard. Maybe as much as you love sitting on the front porch on a beautiful evening.

But you hate slapping those blood-sucking mosquitoes that keep landing on your arms and legs. Maybe as much as you hate soaking yourself and your kids in nasty bug spray or hovering next to citronella candles that don’t really work anyway. You have a beautiful home and a beautiful yard that you’ve spent a lot of time and money to make yours, and you’d like to enjoy it. The last thing you want to do on a perfect day is to spend it inside because you’ll get eaten alive by mosquitoes if you step outdoors.

The Mosquito Authority is here to help. With a decade of experience, we offer residential mosquito control that keeps your property protected from annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes during the most outdoor-friendly (and mosquito-heavy) months of the year. We don’t just kill mosquitoes, we make backyards worth mowing and front porches worth swinging! Put simply, we are in the business of making life better.

The Mosquito Authority will come to your property and remove all mosquito-breeding habitats. We also understand that you can’t control your neighbors’ properties or the mosquito-breeding habitat down the street. Our patent-pending Repel+Plus mosquito treatment keeps neighborhood mosquitoes off your property and away from you and your family, all summer long.

Repel+Plus is based on science and research, and we use a proprietary solution of some of the mildest pesticides ever invented. Most importantly, we don’t just “spray.” We vary the strength and quantity of our solution based on a variety of factors in order to minimize environmental impact and still effectively control the most dangerous mosquitoes. Some components of Repel+Plus use no pesticides at all, actually. Most of our customers do have children and pets running around. We also service lots of doctors’ and veterinarians’ homes … even day cares! The solution we use is milder than the DEET in bug spray, and it gets rid of the mosquitoes without having to be applied to your skin.

The Mosquito Authority offers six-treatment plans to protect your home, as well as programs for special events like family gatherings, barbecues, parties, or backyard weddings. Our Repel+Plus treatment is 100 percent guaranteed to keep mosquitoes off your property and out of your life, or we’ll come back out and retreat free of charge. We have used Repel+Plus in more than 250,000 applications nationwide with a 95 percent customer satisfaction rate.

Don’t let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying your own property. Call your Mosquito Authority today at 609-477-3249, or visit to see how The Mosquito Authority can get your yard back for you and make summer fun again!

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