A refreshing and contemporary approach to nursing home living is poised to open in Lawrenceville. Morris Hall Meadows is based on The Green House model and will offer private rooms and bathrooms in six homes.

There are few residences for seniors like The Green House model, developed by Dr. Bill Thomas.

“It’s revolutionary,” said Ellen Petroski, LNHA, Morris Hall administrator. “Each ranch home has 10 private rooms with their own bathrooms. There’s a large hearth area and a dining room, all connected by a large great room. The Green House model offers Elders a meaningful life working with an empowered staff in a real home.”

When Petroski says meaningful, she is referring to the residents of each home — or Elders, as they’re called. This is their home, and they set the activities that matter to them. Everything is connected to the individuals who live there. Birthdays, anniversaries, family visits, and even a visit by the family pet become a whole-house event.

“We firmly believe people are whole even if they are medically ill,” Petroski added. “This is a real home, and the Elders direct the activities that mean something to everyone there.”

Elders are assisted by an empowered staff who are universal workers. They are certified nursing assistants (CNA) who are CPR-certified and ServSafe Food Handler certified. Called Shahbazim, after the legend of the King’s falcon that urged the monarch to allow her to serve his people rather than him, these multi-talented universal workers are akin to house managers. Shahbazim help with personal care, light housework, do all the cooking, and work with the Elders to plan activities.

“The nursing staff travel between our homes, which are all located together,” Petroski explained. “So do all the other services, like physicians, dietitians, therapists, and others.”

Petroski has big praise for the concept’s originator, Dr. Thomas. He designed The Green House model to combat what he called the three plagues of nursing homes: loneliness, helplessness, and boredom. At Morris Hall Meadows in Lawrenceville, Elders and Shahbazim work hand-in-hand for a comfortable and compassionate environment that provides outstanding physical and emotional support with spiritual care.

Morris Hall Meadows is another option on the campus, which includes a physical rehabilitation hospital, with acute and sub-acute care, long-term care nursing, and assisted living. Interested Elders and their families may call to determine what’s the best fit. Morris Hall Meadows is expected to open in late December, 2015.

For more information about Morris Hall Meadows, call Soni Pahade at 609-712-1016. General information about all Morris Hall services may be obtained by calling 609-896-0006. Visit www.morrishall.org for a visual tour.

Morris Hall, One Bishops’ Drive, Lawrenceville. 609-896-0006. www.morrishall.org

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