Elders who are facing the prospect of needing skilled nursing care often do not know where to turn. Morris Hall Meadows at Lawrenceville was conceived and designed to alleviate this concern and to create a place to call home. Morris Hall Meadows is an extension of the St. Lawrence Rehabilitation/Morris Hall campus conveniently located in Lawrenceville, on Franklin Corner Road near the intersection of I-95 and Route 206. Specifically developed with innovative ideas about engaging the mind, body and spirit of our Elders, Morris Hall Meadows is an Elder-centered model that places the maximum possible decision-making authority into the hands of the Elders or those closest to them.

“We follow The GREEN HOUSE model developed by Dr. Bill Thomas,” says Soni Pahade, Director of Admissions and Marketing. “We emphasize three core values: a Meaningful Life, Empowered Staff, and a Real Home. This means focusing on community, compassion, and comfort for every individual, in an environment that provides outstanding medical physical and emotional support.”

Dr. Thomas revolutionized the cultural concept of aging. His imagination and action led the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and other national media outlets to examine Dr. Thomas’ approach and call him one of the nation’s “top 10 innovators” changing the future of retirement in America. He sees a third phase of life beyond adulthood that can be as rich as any point in life that came before.

This approach can be startling when viewed against the current cultural norm, but it is an idea full of commonsense. The GREEN HOUSE model is a game changer, one which reexamines aging in the 21st century. It is a model that clearly resonates with Americans. Instituted in 2001, there were 100 homes in existence by 2011. This exponential growth underscores the response to this innovative approach.

Pahade points out the positive aspects of life at Morris Hall Meadows. “Morris Hall Meadows Elders live in actual homes with significantly more privacy and comfort. Each of the thoughtfully designed single-level homes has 10 private bed-and-bath suites overlooking beautifully landscaped grounds. Elders control their own daily routines and rhythms for waking, sleeping, meals, and alone time. Each has a say in how they live and has direct involvement in his or her own care plan.”

Pahade continues, “At the center of each home is a spacious hearth room with a fireplace facing a comfortable patio, a shared dining room, an open kitchen, as well as a spa area and a cozy den, which is accessible to Elders and their families at all times. Our goal is for everyone to enjoy formal and informal opportunities for engagement inside and outside of the home.”

“Elders’ health care, wellness, and social needs are supported attentively by a multi-disciplinary staff of professionals. This care team devotes themselves to knowing each individual and their families with the aim of providing the utmost care and attention,” says Pahade. “Each one is carefully selected for her or his ability to provide compassionate care to each Elder, and to thoughtfully monitor that person’s well-being. They work in concert with the clinical support team to constantly provide optimal care to each person in residence.”

One resident, Mr. Burke, says: “The Meadows has exceeded my expectations. You will never meet nicer people, the Shahbaz really take such good care of all of us. The food is great; it is just everything you want.” The Shahbaz is a member of the Shahbazim — the team of works present at all times to meet the needs of the Elders.

A lot of families talk about their deep relationships with the Shahbaz and how they are so thankful that their parent is at the Meadows surrounded by so many people that care about them.

“They are such fine facilities, and staffed with wonderful and highly trained human beings,” says one family member.

Morris Hall Meadows also provides an engaging opportunity for volunteers who form a core part of the Morris Hall community, enriching the day-to-day living experience for residents and staff. Offering flexible scheduling in both resident and non-resident areas, Morris Hall Meadows provides the chance to volunteer a few hours a month, or several hours a week. Students interested in careers in healthcare or in working with the elderly gain valuable exposure to this growing field at Morris Hall. Written recommendations for use in student volunteers’ college applications may be requested.

First opened in March, 2016, Morris Hall Meadows is still expanding. Three homes are currently occupied and a forth is slated to open in December. The homes offer 24-hour skilled nursing, on-site physical and occupational therapy, as well as end of life and palliative care. There is no entry fee and a flat daily rate covers all services.

“Living in an environment where families are an integral part of the care team and are welcome at any time, where Elders help plan meals and govern their own daily routines, Morris Hall Meadows offers Elders the future of skilled nursing home living where the emphasis is on living. We all deserve to be respected and engaged at every stage of life,” says Pahade.

Morris Hall Meadows at Lawrenceville, One Bishops’ Drive, Lawrenceville. 609-896-0006. www.morrishall.org/morris-hall-meadows.

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