by Sonya Aronowitz

Now she uses both fork and knife

to cut

Through toast, potatoes, and


As he pleads the case for a pinch

of pepper – “or salt?”

She looks through her spectacles

As if he has again


Each for each

A carrot for an orange

A half glass for a demi-tasse

A brass band for a string quartet

As if he did not know

Last night’s first movement

From the very start,

Should have been adagio

(Ma non troppo)

Mind you, last night

She could not reset the tempo

Of the second movement,

or the third

Leading to the finale con molto brio

(Ma non gratificano)

This afternoon —

She will drive to the concert at Richardson:

Solo majestico.

Sonya Aronowitz is Director of Gift Planning for the Springpoint Foundation, in Princeton. The Foundation is the philanthropic and community outreach arm of Springpoint Senior Living. She is a member of Passage Theatre’s Playwrights Unit.

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