Two spots for all-you-can-eat sushi: Masa Sushi on Route 1 in Nassau Park has been a perennial favorite since 2012, and its sister venue, Mori Sushi on Route 206 opposite the Montgomery Shopping Center, has been earning similar praise since 2015. Both dining destinations are all-you-can-eat, and both menus have all the popular items that earned rave reviews.

But Mori Sushi has some exciting additions to tempt diners to take the short drive up from Route 1. Of especial interest are Masa Ceviche and Fuji Yama appetizers. Both feature a unique sauce made from Yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit. The Fuji Yama is a delicious combination of salmon with mango and avocado served Tempura style.

The menu changes frequently to offer diners the freshest ingredients and diverse variety. New to the menu now is the White Tuna Nuta. This dish sparkles with its Japanese red pepper seasoning and the chef’s famous honey mustard sauce.

For fans of the famous Eggplant Sandwich (yes, eggplant) never fear. It’s most definitely on the Mori Sushi menu. Another diner favorite, the green tea ice cream, is also very much in evidence.

Owner Owen Chen says, “Both Mori Sushi and its sister venue Masa Sushi have raised the bar for all you can eat dining. This is not your ordinary buffet by far. Everything can be ordered from the menu and the dishes come straight from the chef to your table.” This level of attention to made-to-order preparation is coupled with a price that cannot be beaten. Lunch is only $18.95; dinner $24.95. And best of all, young children eat for half price.

Chen points out, “All you can eat allows patrons to try something new without having to order an entire entree. Try one and then, when you see how tasty it is, order more. Not only will you find exquisite fresh seafood, but we serve vegetarian and non-seafood entrees as well. We have items on the menu that fit every taste. Our Japanese Ramen noodle dish is perfect for diners not used to sushi but we also have fusion dishes like the Mexican Roll with a spicy jalapeno sauce outside for the adventurous foodie.”

Chen advises, “The combination of service and selection has made Mori Sushi extremely popular. Reservations are highly recommended, especially for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.”

Like its sister venue, Mori Sushi promises to be a good choice for business events as well as for date night out. Parking is never a problem. With two easy-to-find locations, sushi lovers will have no trouble finding fresh, handmade delicacies nearby.

Mori Sushi, 1378 Route 206, Skillman. 609-683-2222.

Masa Sushi, 415 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton. 609-520-8883.

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