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More Software Development

Princeton Softech, 1060 State Road, Suite 201, Princeton


Joseph A. Allegra, president. Staff size: 65. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 609-497-0205 609-497-0302

Software development and sales. Core competencies in relational

databases, data synchronization, and intelligent data migration and


ProtoView Development, 2540 Route 130, Cranbury 08512. Dean

Guida, president. Staff size: 19. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 609-655-5000 609-655-5353">>

Computer software developer and seller.

Quest Software, 301 North Harrison Street, Suite 479, Princeton

08540. Founded 1991.

Phone and fax: 609-279-0709 609-279-0708

Database management tools, formerly R*Tech Systems.

Saladin and the Princeton Energy Program, 116-301 Village


Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. Gary J. Fedor, senior

vice president. Staff size: 32. Founded 1988.

Phone and fax: 609-520-9099 609-520-8457

Specializing in the petroleum industry, based in London.

Sawhney Systems Inc., 777 Alexander Road, Suite 204, Princeton

08540. Rich Ringer. Staff size: 12. Founded 1976.

Phone and fax: 609-987-5000 609-987-0707

Professional financial planning software, formerly ExecPlan


Seashore Systems, 36 South Broad Street G-34, Trenton Business

and Technology Center, Trenton 08608-2102. Doug Wallace, president.

Staff size: 7. Founded 1997.

Phone and fax: 609-656-1077 609-396-8603">>

Software for long term care facilities and nursing homes.

Statistical Graphics Corp., 512 Executive Drive, Princeton


Neil W. Polhemus, president. Staff size: 3. Founded 1981.

Phone and fax: 609-924-9374 609-924-9354">>

Statgraphics, a family of PC-based statistical data analysis

software packages for quality control, forecasting, and experimental


Sturges Publishing Company, 37 Palmer Square West, Princeton

08542. Sheldon B. Sturges, president. Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 609-921-6100 609-921-8101">>

Software publishing for children — a teacher-sponsored,

Web object-oriented learning world.

System Design Concepts, 820 Bear Tavern Road, Mountain View

Office Park, West Trenton 08628. Joe Troutman, president. Staff size:


Phone and fax: 609-771-6666 609-771-6676">>

Satellite electrical power system design, development, and

analysis, also satellite engineering products for the aerospace


SDC does large-scale system modeling, static and dynamic

analysis, and system evaluation, including the development of


tools — extensions of engineering practices (calculations,


modifications to existing codes, or uses of commercially available

software. SDC’s satellite electrical power systems clients include

such satellite owners and manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin.

"Our most `interesting’ work to date involves the analysis and

development of design modifications for the on-orbit Hubble Space

Telescope," says Robert Dockstader, vice president. "Design

modifications developed and analyzed here will be retrofit with the

existing HST on an upcoming shuttle mission."

TV Objects Ltd., 600 Alexander Road, Princeton 08540. Andy


president and CEO. Staff size: 10. Founded 1995.

Phone and fax: 609-514-1444 609-514-1004

Applications software for Java tools, development, manufacturing,

marketing, and shipping.

Telelogic, 116 Village Boulevard, Suite 240, Princeton 08540.

Per Blysa, vice president North America. Staff size: 8.

Phone and fax: 609-520-1935 609-520-8512

Division of Saab Combitech Group, headquartered in Malmo,

Sweden, with SDT, a software design tool based on SDL, and ITEX.

Tower Mountain Software, 304 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Steve

Lapierre, president. Staff size: 4. Founded 1993.

Phone and fax: 609-497-9750 609-497-9740

Real-time software for tracking and managing currency exchange.

Transport Dynamics Inc., 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 317,


08540. Derek Gittoes, managing director. Staff size: 15. Founded 1995.

Phone and fax: 609-951-0131 609-951-0167">>

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Pilots+ software for real-time operations planning —

scheduling and routing — for large transportation firms.

TravRoute Software, 1000 Herrontown Road, Princeton 08540. Dan

Titus, president. Staff size: 20. Founded 1990.

Phone and fax: 609-252-8197 609-252-8166">>

Publisher of navigation and mapping "Road Trips"

software showing directions anywhere in North America using the latest

in GPS and Internet technologies.

A division of ALK Associates, headed by Alain Kornhauser,

director of Princeton University’s transportation research program,

Door-to-Door Co-Pilot, an in-car navigation product, uses

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to tell you where you are

going, using automatic voice prompts and dynamic directions. Type

in a destination address and listen for the voice prompts. If you

make a wrong turn or choose another way the GPS will map a new route.

Listed at $400 it will probably sell for $300 or less and compares

to on-board systems sold at $1,000 to $3,500 by BMW, General Motors,

and Sony. It includes all of the continental U.S. on one CD and


no monthly fee or extra charges.

Road Trips Door to Door 1998, offers home computer users

turn-by-turn directions between any two addresses in the continental

United States, with up to 15 stops along the way. It sells for $49.99.

Door to Door Pro instantly organizes up to 50 sales calls, gives fast

access to 15 million business listings, imports contact address books,

and optimizes routes.

Trilon Inc., 100 Jersey Avenue, New Brunswick 08901. Sanjiv

Nathwani, president.

Phone and fax: 732-828-6551 732-828-8503

Multimedia and mobile solutions for structural engineering

applications, IBIIS (Integrated Bridge Inspection Information System).

Trintech, 101 Poor Farm Road, Princeton 08540. Kevin McGuire,

operating manager. Staff size: 8. Founded 1986.

Phone and fax: 609-430-9344 609-430-9360">>

Software for electronic commerce firm based in Dublin, Ireland.

The privately owned firm specializes in providing card payment and

electronic commerce solutions to bankers and retailers and is


working on payments software for such clients as Visa International’s

Latin American electronic commerce initiative. Trintech will be a

direct supplier and an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supplier

of payment software: PayWare (a card acceptance package for retailers

and service organizations) and PayGate (a secure Internet payment

gateway for acquirers).

Trintech’s software will initially be used for Visa Latin

America’s Platinum credit card, a "smart card" with a chip

containing a stored identification token. (U.S. 1, December 3, 1997).

Voxware Inc., 305 College Road East, Princeton 08540. Bathsheba

J. Malsheen, president and CEO. Staff size: 65. Founded 1993.

Phone and fax: 609-514-4100 609-514-4101">>

Developer of digital speech and audio technologies for software

developers, hardware manufacturers and service providers who


audio into their products (U.S. 1, July 16, 1997).

Voxware’s digital speech software products enable innovative

use of the human voice in computing, Internet, and communications

applications. All its products are based on "MetaVoice"


that offers "unmatched" speech quality at very high



Voxware software can manipulate voices — to sing in

perfect pitch or to create characters. And it can be used in an


telephone. Digital speech compression identifies and eliminates


in the speech signal so that good quality speech can be produced with

less digital data.

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Software Services

Applied Business Solutions, 342 West State Street, Trenton


John McKnight, president. Staff size: 8. Founded 1988.

Phone and fax: 609-396-4499 609-396-8247

Consulting on Geac (Dun & Bradstreet software) financial

and human resource systems, Year 2000 remediation, founded by


Science America employees.

Baton Rouge International Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1281,

Plainsboro 08536. Vivek Taneja, vice president. Staff size: 90.



Phone and fax: 609-716-9030 609-716-9029">>

Software consulting and IT project services.

Cimserve (Construction Information Management), 47 A North Main

Street, Cranbury 08512. Vincent A. Trossello PE, owner. Staff size:

8. Founded 1985.

Phone and fax: 609-655-4355 609-655-3999">>

Data processing consultants to the construction industry,

including Year 2000 analysis and conversion, for mid-range IBM


Cleary Woods Consultants, 22 Springwood Court, Princeton


Lynda Woods Cleary, consultant. Staff size: 2. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 732-329-8484 732-329-8484">>

Business and systems consulting including Year 2000 conversions.

Cognetics Corp., 51 Everett Drive, Suite 103B, Box 386,


Junction 08550-0386. Douglas Crisman, president. Staff size: 25.



Phone and fax: 609-799-5005 609-799-8555">>

Strategic consulting services, design and production of

software interfaces based upon human cognition to increase user


The author of one of the original hypertext programs, Cognetics

concentrates on designing "user-centered" applications that

deal with knowledge management for global communications via


Constellation Systems Inc., 211 College Road East, Princeton

08540. Ranvir K. Sinha, president & CEO. Staff size: 7. Founded 1997.

Phone and fax: 609-734-0555 609-734-0550">>

ht tp://

Technical assistance to clients in project management, systems

analysis, systems design and integration of enterprise-wide solutions.

CyLogix Inc., 42 Washington Road, Princeton Junction 08550.

Andy Phillips, president. Staff size: 80. Founded 1996.

Phone and fax: 609-275-8998 609-275-0285">>

Systems for brokerage operations, custom software development

and systems integration on mainframe and client-server platforms,

Year 2000 remediation.

Dora Lynn Associates Inc., 289 Carter Road, Princeton


Allen Olsen, managing director. Staff size: 1. Founded 1992.

Phone and fax: 609-497-7574 609-924-6265

Consulting services in business processes and information

technology implementation, systems consulting, reviews of business


Dot Line Inc., 16 Park Place, Princeton 08542-6919. Theodore

Nadeau, president. Staff size: 2. Founded 1994.

Phone and fax: 609-497-0223">>

MS solution provider for software development including

client/server database workflow automation and telephony, Certified

AutoCAD Developer, and Certified Apple Developer.

Current projects include litigation support, facilities

management, and inventory. It is the front-end team architect and

manager for a workflow automation system, designed to implement a

class action settlement, that handles three terabytes of image data

and is accessed and manipulated by 2,000 full-time simultaneous users.

It is being integrated with Wang/Eastman Software imaging and workflow

technology to allow optional access to existing paper documents.

For a major insurance firm Dot Line created a desktop insurance

software package used simultaneously by more than 500 customer service

representatives to track and handle complaints for life insurance

policy holders. A lumber importing company package — with order,

shipment, and inventory tracking — enables real-time monitoring

of a complex inventory. A facilities management system is a


multi-user repository for complaint information and production of

work orders for vendors.

For landplanners and civil engineers, Map Algebra (part

of an Intergraph product) enables geographical information systems

modeling and allows complex calculations to be made, based on


satellite images.

Etsee Soft Inc., 114 West Franklin Avenue, Straube Center, Suite

K,2, Pennington 08534. Sheshadri Mantha, owner/president. Staff size:

8. Founded 1992.

Phone and fax: 609-730-9180 609-730-9663">>

Software consulting for UNIX, DOS, and Windows specializing

in field or sales force automation software and application


for Japanese market.

HexaWare Technologies Inc., 5 Independence Way, Second Floor,

Princeton 08540. Avi Lele. Staff size: 80. Founded 1989.

Phone and fax: 609-951-9195 609-951-9638">>

Year 2000 solutions from impact analysis to long term maintenance

of software environments, reengineering services, outsourcing



Mainframe, client/server, multi-media, and Internet applications

for clients in finance, entertainment, manufacturing, airlines,


and other educational facilities, insurance, military, and oil


International Software Consulting, 20 Wall Street, Research

Park, Princeton 08540. Ananth Raman, partner. Staff size: 5. Founded


Phone and fax: 609-921-6338 609-921-6359">>

Mainly connected with the insurance industry, also Year

2000 conversions.

Kenan Systems, 300 Alexander Park, Suite 204, Princeton 08540.

Paul Lunden, acting branch manager. Staff size: 20. Founded 1982.

Phone and fax: 609-514-0555 609-514-0544">>

Mathtech Inc., 202 Carnegie Center, Suite 111, Princeton


Lori Weitz, vice president. Staff size: 30. Founded 1959.

Phone and fax: 609-520-3840 609-520-3849

Medium to large scale applications on all hardware platforms,

Year 2000 remediation, process reengineering services, performance

measurement systems, econometric forecast models, Web technology,

fourth generation languages.

NovaSoft Information Technology Corp., 707 Alexander Road,


08540. Neil Bhaskar, president. Staff size: 20. Founded 1993.

Phone and fax: 609-419-4200 609-419-4242">>

Migration and outsourcing applications, year 2000 conversions,

and training, with offices in 14 states.

Princeton Business Systems Inc., 1 Colony Court, Mercerville

08619-1019. Elizabeth A. Gaines, president. Founded 1991.

Phone and fax: 609-890-6818 609-890-7820">>

Analysis and development of database marketing applications.

Q-Cim Development Laboratories Inc., 1100 Cornwall Road, Suite

1, Monmouth Junction 08852. Wayne Wasylyk, president. Staff size:

35. Founded 1978.

Phone and fax: 732-398-0100 732-398-0220

Information systems for process manufacturers in support

of company-wide and/or plant operations needs.

RWD Technologies, 105 Carnegie Center, Suite 102, Princeton

08540. Harry L. Graham, manager, performance technology services.

Staff size: 30. Founded 1988.

Phone and fax: 609-734-0600 609-419-3780

Software support for manufacturing and industrial applications,

client/server applications on major platforms and desktop


performance improvement in complex technical environments.

Database servers and legacy systems, point-of-use information

delivery systems — an SAP America R/3 Implementation Partner,

providing a "lab" environment for evaluation of Information

Database (InfoDB), a repository and delivery mechanism for


information for R/3 solutions and a knowledge repository.

Secure EDP Inc., 217 Clarksville Road, Lawrenceville 08648.

Ted Makkay, president. Staff size: 8. Founded 1981.

Phone and fax: 609-924-3422 609-799-9813

Computer security consultants/PC database development.

Transformation Systems/TRANsys, 29 Emmons Drive, Building C,

Princeton 08540. Jai Jayaram, chairman. Staff size: 60. Founded 1996.

Phone and fax: 609-514-0049 609-514-0305">>

Year 2000 conversions, also client/server applications on

Oracle platforms, also in five United States locations.

— Barbara Fox

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