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#b#To the Editor: Yoga’s Bottom Line#/b#

Jamie Saxon’s story in U.S. 1’s June 22 issue “Inward Bound: Say Ohm” was funny, honest and drives home the point that yogis are not “born this way.” As Lady Gaga would say, we are self-made. We come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life — including the upper-most ranks of the corporate world. In fact, it’s the Type A personalities who are often most drawn to yoga because of the dedication and discipline it takes to maintain a practice in the face of so many worldly distractions. There’s a real correlation between leadership in the boardroom and leadership on the mat.

In fact, teaching staff at the Princeton Center for Yoga and Health (PCYH), central Jersey’s oldest yoga and holistic health center, includes research scientists, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs (along with professional artists and health practitioners) who come from companies like ETS, Venenum Bio Design, Sprint, etc. For that reason, I believe they are able to relate to some of our busier, goal-oriented students. Of course, it helps that we are one of the few studios offering early-bird classes (5:45 a.m.) so that even professionals with a commute can squeeze in a yoga class.

Finally, Saxon proves the point that no matter WHY you do yoga — whether it’s to get a yoga butt, meet a new romantic partner, or find inner peace — you always come away with so much more.

Deborah Metzger

Founder and Director, Princeton Center for Yoga and Health

50 Vreeland Drive, Skillman

#b#Princeton’s Times#/b#

Richard K. Rein’s June 15 Your editorial about Father’s Day was beautiful and covered a part of the day not often talked about. I gave it to my daughter.

And Scott Morgan’s writing about marriage in the same issue has a load of good advice. My wife, Judy, and I are in our 46th year, so we had the luxury of looking back on those 40ish years. I’ve always told young men who asked me about marriage: whatever you’re doing now, in five, surely ten years hence, you’ll be doing things differently. And if you can’t bend, you’ll break!

Both writings are New York Times quality — nothing new in your paper, however!

Tom Evans

Lincoln Avenue, Hightstown

#b#Correction:#/b# The June 22 edition of U.S. 1 listed Health Pro Systems, a Hamilton-based firm that provides accounts receivable management and consulting, under its Leaving Town section. The company remains at 2137 Route 33. Health Pro Systems had occupied two suites until recently, but has consolidated into one. Its phone is 609-588-9707.

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