We are still hearing from readers about Chip Crider’s idea to replace Princeton’s Dinky train with personal rapid transit, or PRT (U.S. 1, March 24). A California-based company named PRT Strategies, www.prtstrategies.com, has chimed in with an invitation to see how it is making PRT work in that state, including in the City of Anaheim and on major college campuses.

The company lauds the system’s ability to mitigate what it calls “ every campus’ primary infrastructure problem — parking.”

Also, Peter Muller of PRT Consulting in Colorado (www.prtconsulting.com) writes: “Studies we have undertaken show that PRT is much preferred over bus systems. PRT offers little or no waiting and a seated, non-stop ride.”

The company’s website offers videos of PRT at work at London’s Heathrow Airport.

#b#To the Editor: TESC Is Fine the Way It Is#/b#

I live in Hillsdale, Bergen County, and work as a public school teacher in Englewood Cliffs. Both my home district and the district where I am employed took an almost 100 percent cut in state aid. We will be losing staff and consolidating programs.

My daughter is a graduate of TCNJ, where she received a top notch education and is presently completing her MBA at Montclair State. I know the importance of funding state colleges and universities to keep them affordable.

I also know how unique each or our state colleges are and how they serve different populations. I have never been one to write letters to the editor or contact my assemblyperson or senator, but this situation has me so upset that now I find myself doing both on almost a daily basis. I believe Governor Christie is out to destroy public education and using the “dire” financial condition of the state as the scapegoat for all he is cutting.

It is beyond my ability to understand why this governor has it in for public education, from pre-K through college. The New Jersey public education system is unrivaled. Although I am a product of private education from elementary through graduate school, I am an avid supporter of public education, from which my children have so greatly benefited.

I moved to New Jersey 23 years ago for its public schools. I am a public school teacher and proud of what my school and school district provide. We rival the top private schools surrounding us because of our reputation. We have family from overseas moving into our town for our public schools.

Whatever Governor Christie’s agenda against public schools might be, we need to do everything in our power to stop him. Public education is the great equalizer.

Alina Lupo, Hillsdale

Editor’s Note: Alina Lupo’s sentiments, in response to Scott Morgan’s April 7 column, “Governor, Please Leave TESC Alone,” were shared by other readers who commented on our website. Visit www.princetoninfo.com

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