Through MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!, Dana Liebmann, Ed. D., an educational consultant who has been an integral part of both public and private schools in Princeton for more than 30 years, is currently offering individualized support at the elementary, middle, and high school level for students struggling with understanding how to learn more effectively and efficiently.

For years, families have been able to find support services in Princeton that help students succeed in specific subjects, prepare for the SATs, and write meaningful college essays. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! is different. Through personalized instruction, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! focuses on helping a child learn how to learn, strengthening those general academic skills that easily translate into life skills. Students determine how to organize information, strengthen their memory, and take comprehensive in-class notes that make sense.

They discover the value of timelines and setting priorities, how to write clearly and well, and how to review information, remember it, and explain to others exactly what they are learning. Often students study hard, but do not study well. Many students feel so anxious while performing academically that they cannot do their best. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! addresses all these concerns in one-hour lessons, allowing children to master their work and feel confident about their growing successes.

For more information about MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! or to arrange an initial consultation, please contact Dr. Liebmann at 609 917 4653 or

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