Why not go gentle into that good night?
Many judge the choke of death passé.
Change, change the law, take up the fight.

My grandparents’ last months were just not right.
They lost their strength, their minds, their say.
No choice, for them, to gentle their good night.

Freedom to time the end should be one’s right.
Seven states have staked a lawful way.
Change the law in Jersey, rally the fight.

Many prefer to cling to life as bright,
Trust others to keep last angst at bay.
They hope to go gentle into that good night.

An Act forces no one to quicken their flight.
Altars should not lead you astray.
Change, change the laws, embrace the fight.

The promise of dignity may add to life’s height.
A death that brings peace is no cliché.
Why not go gentle into that good night?
Change, change the law, end the fight.

Gutterman, a health researcher, is a founder of the West Windsor Arts Council. She lives with her husband in West Windsor. An advocate for the NJ Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, she is rallying support for bills A1504 and S1072 pending votes in the Assembly and Senate this fall. “Misplaced Rage” is a villanelle.

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