Selfie, Selfie

in my hand

who’s the fairest, of the land?

Look, I have a pretty face

being ugly’s a disgrace.

Facebook, Facebook

on my screen

who today is being mean?

Saying things that aren’t true

on this photo, I’m a shrew!

Kindle, Kindle

I declare

I can take you anywhere

Anna Karenina in my pocket

All I need is a nearby socket.

iPad, iPad

on my lap

googling, googling all this crap

Can’t stop now, I’m too addicted

conversation’s too restrictive.

Blackberry, Blackberry

in my purse

all my appointments are such a curse

Blackberrys should be in a basket

not inside this black shell casket.

iPhone, iPhone

on my ear

what news now, that I need fear?

Yak yak yakit, yakity yak

Oh, dear God, need my sanity back!

Selfie, Selfie

in my hand

who’s the fairest of the land

Perhaps will shall not ever know

we’re too busy on the go!

Mickey Waring is art director at the Westerhoff School of Music and Art in Metuchen. She has also taught at the Princeton and West Windsor arts councils.. She holds degrees from Princeton University and the Beirut University College in Lebanon. She studies poetry with Jean Hollander in Princeton.

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