Nestled on three acres in Hamilton Township you will find a charming private school and summer day camp. It is hard to believe, but for the past 75 years the Miriam Morris School has opened its doors each September for happy children excited to begin the new school year. What began as a small pre-school founded by Miriam Morris in 1939 has blossomed into a wonderful private school serving infants through sixth grade students.

Keeping with the tradition and vision of the founder, Miriam Morris School is committed to serving children with respect and compassion, believing that every child can succeed and achieve their potential. Our goal is to inspire our students to be thinkers, creators, and problem solvers. We achieve this by providing small preschool and elementary classes with plenty of hands-on, interactive, and fun activities. Our elementary teacher to pupil ratio is 1 teacher to 5 students so that we can provide individual instruction.

What is unique about the school is its staff. They genuinely and lovingly work to provide the most positive school experience you can imagine. Collaborating with parents, the staff ensures that each child’s needs, interests, and abilities are considered to provide an optimum learning experience each and every day.

What’s new this year is that our elementary school Spanish program has been extended to our preschool students. Preschoolers will learn about the Spanish and Latino culture, as well as have instruction in conversational Spanish daily. It is important that our children understand and appreciate their unique role as a responsible citizen in a culturally diverse society beginning at an early age.

Parents are invited to come and visit our school at any time.

Miriam Morris Private School, 3332 South Broad Street, Hamilton. 609-585-7223.

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