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Mier Conference: Integrated Access

MIERComm, based on Princeton-Hightstown Road, is holding

two weeks of workshops and testing sessions for vendors of integrated

access devices (IADs), now through September 8 at the National


Center at Exit 8A. These first-of-their-kind events bring together

industry leaders to perform interoperability and comparative


analyses. For information, call 609-275-7311, extension 18.

"An integrated access device is one that brings together or


the most important forms of Internet traffic in use today, i.e. voice,

video, and data so that this may be transmitted along the same


or channel, saving time, temper, and smoothing out the bumps in the

all-important bottom line," says Martin Milner, client



Representatives from Princeton University, the University of


and NJIT have been invited, and — though the event is


not a public one — interested persons would not be turned away.

"MIERComms is keen to foster links with educational establishments

and to train the country’s young people in the technologies of


says Milner. Founded in 1988, MIERComms is an independent networking

consultancy and product-test center that pioneered the comparative

assessment of networking hardware and software.

After initial analysis, vendors may choose to have their device


examined, the results to be published in the Business Communications

Review ( Workshops through Friday,


1, are for vendors who have an IAD with a TDM (time division


focus. Those from Tuesday to Friday, September 5 to 8, are for those

who primarily use ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) as their access


Among the California-based visiting companies are Mariposa


Verilink, Vina Technologies, Mariner Networks, Coastam, and Sonoma

Systems, plus NexTone Communications of Maryland, Pennsylvania-based

Marconi, and Adtran from Alabama.

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