Mercer Bucks Cardiology is offering free screenings for women who do not know their numbers or risk for heart disease. The following story is an example of why women need to know their numbers.

Diane Reitz, MSN, ACNS-BC, wife, mom, grandmother, and working full-time at age 59 went to see her dentist, who told her she had an extremely elevated blood pressure. She visited her family doctor for a funny feeling in her chest. Her electrocardiogram showed slight abnormalities. Her primary doctor insisted she go by rescue squad to the emergency room.

In complete denial she refused, causing her primary care doctor to refuse to treat her in the future if she did not follow his instructions. A stress test was non-conclusive. A CTA showed calcifications around her arteries. A cardiac catheterization (done by Dr. George Heyrich) found Diane to have 90 to 95 percent occlusion of LAD (Left anterior descending artery) which resulted in two stents and luckily no damage to the heart.

Yes, it is important to know your risk factors. Diane was told in the emergency room by Dr. Paula Seth that she had several risk factors: hypertension, elevated cholesterol, chest pain, slightly overweight, a significantly stressful job as well as family history — a brother who underwent bypass surgery. Diane was taking care of everybody else but herself. How many of you can relate to this situation?

Diane is now a Zumba fitness instructor. She states “my mission is to get people to know their numbers as you can be at risk and not know it.”

Mercer Bucks Cardiology believes a healthy woman is the greatest asset a family can have. Ladies, if you do not feel the need to get a screening for yourself, get it done for your family’s sake.

It is time to take care of YOU. For a free screening call 609-482-2939 or 215-710-3090.

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