A woman’s wedding day is often the one time she is the complete center of attention and she has the right to present herself with ultimate elegance and style. Part of this entails finding the right hair stylist to create the perfect look, whether it is long, flowing locks or a billowy updo. This seemingly simple step can be extremely stressful for brides who face physical and medical challenges that affect their hair.

Melz Alfieri Salon, conveniently located on Route 33 in Hamilton, is the area’s leading expert in hair transformation services. Thinning hair and hair loss are no obstacle to a stunning look. Opening their salon in 2016, owners Melissa Gaunt and Thomas (Tommy) Alfieri have combined their years of experience, concentrating in serving clients facing these issues.

Melissa Gaunt is a born and bred New Jersey native. Formerly with Melz Salon in Lawrenceville, she developed a passion for helping clients with challenging situations. Early on in her career, she knew she wanted to become involved in restoration techniques that allow everyone to look their very best.

Originally from New York, Tommy returned north from Florida to team with Gaunt in this newest creation, a full-service salon that specializes in regrowth and non-surgical restoration options for thin hair and hair loss. Tommy began his rise to the top at the side of his dad, Charles Alfieri, a well-known icon in hair restoration. Charles has been a sought-after wig maker in the beauty industry for decades. Charles and son moved 30 years ago to Fort Lauderdale and their salon there is the hottest act in town today.

The original Alfieri Salon in NYC is still going strong after 51 years and is closely aligned with Sloan Kettering medical facilities. Melz Alfieri Salon is on the leading edge of technology and medicine to alleviate hair thinning and loss due to genetic or drug-related issues.

In addition, the team at Melz Alfieri Salon is expert at hair extensions. Gaunt explains, “Melz Alfieri Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lie seamlessly and are undetectable. They are manufactured with amazing quality human Remy hair, with the cuticle intact. Melz Alfieri Ultimates are a patent pending design, which blends into the hairline, appearing to be growing directly from the root.”

“Brides particularly appreciate our comprehensive services. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss the options available. Ours is a full service salon so the choices are numerous. From the essential to the creative, Melz Alfieri Salon has everything you need to create amazing, durable styles. Our color and styling techniques use superior technology and offers the best possible protection of the hair.”

Special circumstances are no obstacle to Melz Alfieri Salon so call today to learn just how lovely you can look for your wedding, your prom, a gala or any elegant event. No matter what the occasion, you can be confident that you look your absolute best. You deserve it.

Melz Alfieri Salon, 2222 Route 33, Hamilton. 609-438-9060. www.melzalfieri.com.

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