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Lesley Geller used to be a schoolteacher, has worked in sales, and now she is a business coach. It turns out those three jobs are not entirely unrelated. “There is a commonality in that there is a lot of selling,” she says. “You’re trying to convince the kids to buy what you’ve got for them. Coaching is like teaching in many ways. However, unlike in teaching, I don’t have all the answers. But I do have all the right questions that get people to where they want to go next. “

Geller has launched a new group where entrepreneurs can gather to discuss all those questions. Her new “Masterminds” group combines networking and business coaching in a small group of no more than eight people. A free informational session will be held on Wednesday, June 26, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at Tigerlabs on Nassau Street. Joining the group costs $149 a month and includes meetings plus one-on-one coaching. For more information, visit www.gellercoaching.com.

Geller says that traditional business networking meetings can be unfocused. “My experience going to networking groups is that you often go in with high expectations to meet people, network, and get clients and referrals, but often leave having maybe met one or two people you really connected with and nothing much happens after,” she says. Geller says the goal of her mastermind group is to form more meaningful connections among a smaller group over a period of about six months.

“We get to know each other on a business level,” she says. “We not only network with each other, but help each other from a business standpoint. We’re like-minded professionals who want to grow our business, whatever it is.” Geller says the idea is to provide mutual support and help one another get through challenges. “We have a group of people who trust each other and may have resources the other people don’t have. Then where the coaching comes in is largely about accountability.” Geller says she will help business owners design goals.

“The idea is that people will come with issues and challenges and will leave with solutions, period.” Geller says she has run groups using this model before.

Geller grew up in South Brunswick, where her mother was in sales and her father was an attorney. She taught advanced math to fourth and fifth-graders in Hopewell Valley schools for 25 years and has been a business coach for the last 15.

Through her coaching business, Geller teaches a variety of business techniques. Writing for U.S. 1, Geller described how organization and structure contribute to the success of a business:

Do you often wonder why it is so challenging to follow through with the thoughts in your mind? Why even when you write them out as clearly as you can, they don’t manifest in the way you are thinking? You are intelligent, educated, confident, and have so many great ideas … in fact that is why you decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place! So why can’t you make it work the way you have it figured out in your mind?

It actually isn’t that complicated and is a very common problem, especially with small business owners and independent contractors. The fact is that your passion and head filled with ideas is not enough on its own. While it helped to give you the courage to begin in the first place, it is not enough to sustain a profitable business. As a matter of fact, the longer you try to ride on the fumes of your enthusiasm, the longer it will take you to create true financial success.

First, the ideas you have flowing through your mind day in and day out are meaningful, but you need to do more than think about them. If you have been thinking about them for weeks or months, grab a notebook now so you can write them down and organize them. Rather than creating a list, though, give each page in your notebook a different topic. Here are some examples:

• Expenses

• Profit

• Time

• Marketing

• Daily routines

• Weekly, monthly, yearly goals

This first step will help you begin to see the larger picture, but this is just the beginning. Next you will need to be as detailed as you can about each topic as you add timelines and deadlines. This is a critical piece in creating financial success.

True success will come when you spend more time on-task creating money, rather than writing lists, creating ideas, and thinking about what you want to do next. True success will come when you are able to design clear details about your daily routines and how each one of them will make money. True success will come when you know what each day will look like and have clear details of how the work today will meet the goals for tomorrow, making sure they all connect to growing your bottom line.

Now that your thoughts are organized, and you have designed the structure of the business, it’s time to get into action. If you feel yourself preseverating on the end goal and are spending more time thinking than doing, visualize the business as an actual building. Notice how an actual building has the base being the largest part of the structure, to create stability. It wouldn’t work any other way, right? I mean, if you flipped your building or business upside down, with the largest part at the top, eventually your building would topple over. In the same way, if you fill your days with grand ideas about the future of your business without the base to stabilize it, your business will topple over as well.

Design real organization and structure and get busy in the doing part. That is what will lead you to success.

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