Not so long ago, a writer who labored over a new book could count on being treated to at least a few minutes of fame with a book party or two, a reading at the public library, and a signing at the neighborhood book store.

But now — even as the number of books in print skyrockets thanks to desktop publishing, on-demand printing, and online sales — the opportunities for the author to meet his or her readers in person are declining. Libraries are booked with cooking demonstrations, computer groups, and children’s events. The bookstores are vanishing altogether.

Here in Princeton we are lucky to have a bookstore and a library that still offer space and time to authors. One of them, Scott McVay, will read from his new memoir, “Surprise Encounters,” this Wednesday, October 14, starting at 6 p.m. at Labyrinth Books, 122 Nassau Street. His reading is co-sponsored by his publisher, Wild River Books, and our new sister publication, the quarterly arts and science review, Genesis.

Genesis is another rare commodity — a print publication that still makes room for listings, reviews, and even excerpts of new books in print. If you have a book that has just been published, or is about to be published, please send a notice to our editor, Richard K. Rein,

We look forward to meeting you — in print or in person.

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