Mark Baiada, founder of Bayada Home Health Care, is one of those businesspeople who started with nothing and built an empire.

Baiada once told the Philadelphia Inquirer that after college, he lived in an apartment with a space heater, drove a Volkswagen to work, and eschewed luxuries such as a coat and eating at McDonald’s, so he could save up the $16,000 he needed to found his own business.

Today the company, headquartered in Moorestown, is an international behemoth with 18,000 employees in 250 offices.

In the same 2015 interview, Baiada said he founded his home healthcare company because he wanted to help people. Bayada has always described his company’s mission in terms similar to that of a non-profit group, while remaining a highly profitable private company that makes more than $1 billion a year. But last year Baiada changed all that by announcing the company would be turned over to a private charitable foundation managed by his family.

Baiada will discuss his plans to convert his company to a nonprofit, and how he grew the business from nothing, at the Princeton Chamber of Commerce. The luncheon will take place Thursday, June 8, from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m. at the Princeton Marriott. For more information, visit or call 609-924-1776.

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