Mediterra Restaurant, located in downtown Princeton, has a simple concept: Tap into the extraordinary cuisine of the nearly two dozen cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, add extra emphasis to Italian and Spanish cuisine, and pair the locally sourced ingredients with an ever-changing but always superb collection of fine and affordable wines.

Sourcing local produce is an extremely important part of Mediterra’s kitchen. Because of this, one of the biggest sources of produce for the restaurant is its own Canal Farm. The chefs use this seasonal, local produce to enhance their menu items. Executive Chef Terry Strong is very passionate about the farm: “The produce has nothing that will hurt you. It’s fresh and picked that day, so it’s the freshest you can get. The produce is seasonal, local, has great flavor, and is perfectly ripe. It’s everything produce is meant to be.”

Chef Terry then magnifies the delicious flavors in the produce by expertly preparing it. A quick glance at the menu reveals some tantalizing options: Tajine of Moroccan spiced vegetables, a local green salad featuring shallots and radish, and a striped bass a la plancha paired with ratatouille.

Canal Farm’s produce is featured heavily in the daily additions to the menu as well. Recently additions featured zucchini blossoms, which are extremely seasonal and delicate. Chef Terry crafted the blossoms into a delicious appetizer stuffed with ricotta cheese and vegetables, then they were lightly battered and made crispy. No matter what you select, your senses will be delighted as you experience Canal Farm’s fresh picked vegetables and herbs.

Canal Farm is situated on two acres next to the Delaware and Raritan Canal in Historic Kingston. The mission is to provide nutritious, local food to the surrounding communities using sustainable farming methods. Canal Farm does not use pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds and seedlings to ensure that their customers receive pure food as nature intended. They believe that sharing healthy, environmentally responsible food is the first step in bringing together communities in order to address the challenges we face as a society.

Currently the farm is producing a variety of kale, Swiss chard, zucchini, lettuce, radishes, fennel, spinach, and various herbs. The harvest changes weekly, depending on what is ripe and ready for the table.

Mediterra and Canal Farm are all part of the Terra Momo Restaurant Group. Canal Farm provides fresh produce to all the Terra Momo locations: Mediterra, Eno Terra, Teresa’s Cafe, the Terra Momo Bread Company and the Terra Learning Kitchen. All locations are in the greater Princeton area. The cuisine at Terra Momo restaurants utilize natural flavors and ingredients that speak for themselves, many of which have been grown on small, local, family-run farms. The preparations balance traditional techniques with fresh new trends. Each setting has an individual sense of place, creating a vibrant scene for great memories with your friends and family.

Stop by Mediterra to discover what was picked at Canal Farm today! The patio is a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful weather while dining on freshly harvested vegetables and locally sourced meats deliciously prepared just for you.

Mediterra Restaurant & Taverna, 29 Hulfish Street, Princeton. 609-252-9680.

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