These articles were written by Barbara Figge Fox and Kathleen McGinn Spring

Two years ago, a company that publishes Internet health guides, was purchased by Thomson (NYSE: TOC), the 4,300-employee publishing company best known for its Physician’s Desk Reference. "We had a two-year time horizon to integrate our company with theirs," says Daniel Goldenson, who co-founded some five years ago.

In a phone conversation from his farm in Maine, where his son’s wedding had just taken place, Goldenson reports that most of’s employees have moved into Thomson’s Montvale offices. A Princeton resident, he did not want to take on the commute, and so he will continue to pilot as its publisher from offices at 4390 Route 1 North. He moved into the new offices in late July from 15 Roszel Road.

The company publishes health guides both for doctors and for patients. Its guides for doctors became so unwieldy — up past 500 pages, says Goldenson — that three months ago, he began publishing them on CD-ROM as well as in print.

The patient guides, at about 80 pages, are still a manageable size in print, and is steadily increasing its patient-targeted titles. The first was on breast cancer. There are now guides on epilepsy, depression, cardiovascular disease, infant health, allergies, asthma, and more. Each guide includes an article about the disease, an Internet tutorial, and about 70 annotated descriptions of reliable Internet sites providing information about the health issue.

Each guide, whether for physicians or for patients, is sponsored by a single pharmaceutical company, and is given to physicians at no cost. Distribution occurs either at medical conferences or during visits by pharmaceutical sales representatives. Goldenson is not involved in marketing efforts, a part of the business Thomson handles., 4390 Route 1 North, Princeton 08543. Daniel Goldenson, general manager. 609-520-2001; fax, 609-520-2023. Home page:

#h#Media Watch: Acadia Divides#/h#

Acadia Marketing and Design has moved from 179 Nassau Street to a location just north of Princeton Shopping Center, where Dale Shierholt has his office. His business partner, Lisa Hines, has moved to College Park, Maryland.

"We always relied on electronic communications so much that it doesn’t seem like anything is different," says Shierholt. He has added video production to the firm’s array of services, which include collateral, direct marketing, graphics, public relations, and interactive marketing.

Acadia is also expanding its nonprofit business, and numbers Eden Institute and Delaware & Raritan Greenway among its clients. "It’s helpful for nonprofits to have a company that both understands their needs and has a whole range of services," says Shierholt. He went to Miami University of Ohio, Class of 1982, and was corporate graphics director for Ingersoll Publications. He had a company called Red Brick Design before joining forces with Hines.

What triggered the move was that Hines’ scientist husband took a job in Maryland. Acadia already had one client in Annapolis and the District of Columbia and Hines’s new neighborhood are loaded with nonprofits. "We saw this opportunity and it seemed to make sense," says Shierholt. "We’re still here, we’re still paying our rent and ourselves, and I feel fortunate in an economy that is uncertain at best to be making a living."

Acadia Marketing and Design, 47 Random Road, Princeton 08540. Dale Shierholt, partner. 609-279-9772; fax, 609-279-9773. Home page:

#h#Expansions: Seltzer Rees#/h#

What’s going to have to happen is the practice of medicine is going to have to change. It is deeply costly to everyone," says Mitch Seltzer of Seltzer Rees.

"With the Internet, we know more about the practice of medicine in different hospitals and are able to raise questions about the vast differences. The variations in clinical practice hardly make sense to the physician or hospital," he says.

Seltzer and Tom Rees moved their three-person firm, the Seltzer Rees Company, from Ewing Street to what’s known as the Hillier Treehouse, the first building in Alexander Park, 791 Alexander Road. Seltzer Rees accompanied Lear & Pannepacker CPAs in this expansion, caused by an expansion of the Princeton Charter School into their white house on Ewing Street.

A native of Connecticut, Seltzer started his career as head of strategic planning and marketing for the Quaker Oats company. Part of his job was to guide that company’s thinking on social responsibility. He continued that theme later in his career, bringing the private sector’s values on efficiency to nonprofits, and bringing socially responsible values to private companies.

In 1979 Seltzer and his then-partner, Eliot Daley, set up a consulting firm to help corporations adopt broad progressive ideas about social responsibility as well as community activities. One of their first clients was Johnson & Johnson, which developed into a prime example of a corporation with social concerns. Then he saw that hospitals, which were operating then as money-losing charitable institutions, needed the private-sector values of efficiency and revenue production.

Current clients are multi-hospital systems, community hospitals, large physician groups, such as the Mayo Clinic and the Geisinger Clinic, and most of the major academic centers — Harvard, Penn, Texas, Chicago, and California.

In a telephone interview Seltzer took the opportunity to explain his life’s work: Changing the health care industry. "Some hospitals have marketing budgets, but the real test is to help them survive financially and develop clinical services that will continue to be relevant to their community and substantial enough to serve their patients," says Seltzer. "It’s a tumultuous, changing, embattled part of our economy. At $1.4 billion, it represents more than 20 percent of our gross national product."

"As explosive as the industry is and with all the proposals floating around from the President of the United States to community boards, it is a riveting industry that is obviously essential to the welfare of the nation and the economy. The challenges are just enormously stimulating."

The Internet has indeed stimulated medical consumerism, he says. "The information systems being created are moving the industry toward a sharing of clinical insights that will allow considerably more sophisticated evaluations of quality and consistency of care on a comparative basis than has ever existed before. That’s where the action is."

Before the Internet, corporations and employers were using purchasing leverage to negotiate more strenuously. Now consortiums like the Leapfrog Group, which has more than 100 corporate members, want to use their collective leverage to use the Internet to streamline health care even more. They wield considerable power. For instance, the health care bill for General Electric is $5 billion.

"Now every employer group in the United States, every payer group in the United States, is trying to figure out how to organize information and to evaluate providers. It is just beginning, and it is going to be volcanic in impact."

Says Seltzer: "We are just at the beginning of a transformation in health care, and we are working on this day in and day out. We are pioneering some major work in the area. There is not much we haven’t seen or been asked to do."

Seltzer Rees Company, 791 Alexander Road, Princeton 08540. Mitch Seltzer, president. 609-919-0060; fax, 609-919-0070. Home page:


GPA Inc. — Jeff the Printer, 1873 North Olden Avenue Extension, Trenton 08638. Jeff Glazer, president. 609-883-6858; fax, 609-883-7799. Home page:

GPA Inc. expanded from 3,000 feet at 1774 North Olden Avenue Extension to 4,000 feet, also on the same street. The firm does printing, copying, and desktop publishing.

Levenson & Associates LLC, 1230 Parkway Avenue, Parkway Corporate Center, Suite 301, Ewing 08628. Hal Levenson, president. 609-882-4171; fax, 609-883-4090.

Levenson & Associates expanded from 2,500 feet on Crossroads Drive to Parkway Corporate Center. It offers business management advisory services.

Techne Inc., 3 Terri Lane, Burlington 08016-6328. Robert Kovarovic, president. 609-589-2560; fax, 609-589-2571. Home page:

The manufacturer and distributor of scientific equipment expanded from 743 Alexander Road to Burlington — better, less expensive facilities, says a spokesperson.

#h#New in Town#/h#

Webb/Mason, 989 Lenox Drive, Suite 112, Lawrenceville 08648. Richard Morelli, vice president, sales. 609-620-0860; fax, 609-620-0867.

Webb/Mason, an enterprise print manager that brokers $50 million worth of printing a year, moved its two-person sales office from Philadelphia to Lenox Drive in May. Founded in 1989 by Warner Mason and Kip Webb, the firm has 130 employees, 11 offices, and four warehouses.

Webb/Mason’s target clients are companies with more than 100 employees, and three or more locations that generate enough print that it could be problem to purchase and store. Its competitors, local print shops, are also its potential partners.

"We look at our clients’ total print universe — stationery, marketing materials, forms, labels — any printed material used to run the business," says Richard Morelli, vice president of sales at Lenox Drive. "Because we are a print distributor and don’t own any presses, we go to the wholesale print marketplace to find the best piece of equipment at the best price." For instance, for clients who need 10,000 of something, whether that is pocket folders or annual reports, Webb/Mason would bid that contract out to five or six vendors.

"We also offer soft dollar savings, such as summary bills, showing charge backs to each department of a large firm, but the accounts payable person needs to issue just one check per month. From the CFO’s perspective it is a significant savings," says Morelli.

Morelli graduated from Iona College, Class of 1983, worked in Manhattan, first for Wallace Computer Services, then as director of E-mail marketing for 24/7 Media. He joined Webb/Mason nearly three years ago. He moved the office to Lenox Drive earlier this year. One of his marketing tools is a membership at Jasna Polana; his handicap is 13.

Interactions LLC, 4 Princess Road, Suite 205, Lawrenceville 08648. Michael Cloran, CEO. 609-658-8020; fax, 609-637-9762.

On Princess Road, Michael Cloran’s firm is working on software tools for the customer contact center industry.

Holland-Spark Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1336, Plainsboro 08536. Rob Castine, sales manager. 609-799-7250; fax, 609-799-8250.

Based in Emmen, the Netherlands, Spark makes autosamplers, column ovens, and sample preparation solutions for pharmaceutical, chemical, and environmental laboratories. More than one-fourth of its employees work in R&D; it pioneered a solid phase extraction method in the early 1990s.

Established in 1982, the company is ISO 9001 certified. From a four-person sales office and training center at Princeton Meadows Office Center, opened in April, it offers a fully automated front-end sample prep system and a high throughput auto sampler.

Savoy Associates, 4 AAA Drive, Suite 205, Hamilton 08691. Joe Torella, vice president, sales and marketing. 609-584-8112; fax, 609-584-8142. Home page:

Savoy Associates, a company in the insurance broker automation business, has opened an office in Hamilton. The company’s main office is at 15 James Street in Florham Park. Savoy is a group health and life insurance general agency that provides brokers with a range of automation tools, including online insurance quotes, proposal generation, online forms and enrollment, and product search tools.

#h#Legal Moves#/h#

Lance D. Brown Esquire, 375 Route 130, Hightstown 08520. 609-371-5600; fax, 609-371-5611.

Lance Brown, a 1996 graduate of Rutgers Camden Law School, recently completed a master’s degree in taxation at Villanova, and is practicing law in Hightstown. His specialties are estate planning, estate litigation, and real estate.

He says that the sort of scenarios he litigates include cases where "A decedent transfers $100,000 out of his estate — two weeks after his death." Other heirs, understandably upset by the posthumous financial dealing, seek Brown’s expertise in getting the funds back into the estate. Such shenanigans are not uncommon, he says.

On the real estate front, Brown says he is extremely busy. Mortgage rates are up a percentage point, but the glass can be seen as half full, in his opinion. While higher than a month ago, the rates are a good deal lower than they were just a few years ago.

Anderson Private Investigations, 812 State Road, Suite 103, Princeton 08540. Carlos F. Anderson, private detective. 609-430-4655; fax, 609-430-4677.

Anderson Private Investigations moved from 812 State Road to Manhattan earlier this year.

Dumont, Matejek & Watson, 220 Alexander Road, Princeton 08543-3349. John H. Dumont, partner. 609-688-8400; fax, 609-688-9353.

Dumont, Matejek & Watson has moved from 791 to 220 Alexander Road. With four attorneys at this location, the firm focuses on corporate law, nonprofit organizations, commercial litigation, estate planning for executives, real estate, elder law, zoning and planning, and employment law. Alexander M. Watson moved to the firm from his previous office at 344 Nassau Street.

Stanley H. Needell, Attorney, 2681 Quakerbridge Road, Second Floor, Trenton 08619-1625. 609-584-7700; fax, 609-584-0123.

Stanley H. Needell has left the law firm of Needell, Siekerka & Castellani to open his own practice. He focuses on employment law and insurance defense, commercial, premises liability, liquor liability, and family law.

Donald J. Quigley Attorney at Law, 116 Youngs Road, Hamilton 08619. 609-584-0600; fax, 609-584-6212.

Quigley has opened an office at 116 Youngs Road in Hamilton. He focuses on general law.

#h#Crosstown Moves#/h#

M&A Associates, 30 Malsbury Street, Box 8693, Trenton 08650-8693. Martin A. Mozzo Jr., president. 609-259-3933; fax, 609-259-9399. Home page:

Martin Mozzo moved his energy and mechanical engineering practice to Malsbury Street. A mechanical engineer at Rutgers, Class of 1965, he opened his consulting practice in 1990.

Personal Travel, 330 North Harrison Street, Suite 4, Princeton 08540. Rekha Arapurakal, owner. 609-921-7575; fax, 609-921-2226.

The travel agency has relocated from 215 Nassau Street to 330 North Harrison Street.

3rd Floor Communications LLC, Box 1375, Hightstown 08520. Art Wilton, CEO. 609-716-9444; fax, 609-716-9442.

The data communications service has moved from 133 South Main Street and has a post office box. Phone and fax are new.

#h#Leaving Town#/h#

Jade Internet Technologies, 299 Ward Street, Hightstown 08520. Greg Harris, CEO. 609-448-9803; fax, 609-426-8719. Home page:

Jade Internet Technologies has moved out of 299 Ward Street in Hightstown. The company has been in the business of Internet hosting, dedicated servers, and colocation services. No new phone number is listed for Jade.

STR Corp., 301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 101 A, Yardley 19067. Pomy Singh, vice president. 215-369-0444; fax, 215-369-0888. Home page:

A software consulting firm moved from 650 College Road, where it was sharing space with Innotrex, to Yardley, Pennsylvania. With three people in the office it is placing about 20 IT professionals at contract sites.

Wellspring International, 204 East Park Drive, Mount Laurel 08054. Wade Smith, CEO. 856-802-1800; fax, 856-866-2407. Home page:

Wellspring International has moved from 830 Bear Tavern Road in Ewing to Mt. Laurel and has a new phone and fax. It offers wireless, point-of-use, water submetering system for multifamily housing — the Aqura system (U.S. 1, October 30, 2002).

Distribution One Inc., 3 Terri Lane, Unit 6, Burlington 08016. Thomas F. Ward, president. 609-387-4500; fax, 609-387-5600. Home page:

The software firm moved from 3,000 feet at 126 Route 206 South to Burlington. It offers computer software for the wholesale distribution business (Vision software, a 4GL system), also applications and hardware sales.

Bridgestone U.S.A., 800-847-3272.

Bridgestone USA closed its location at 8A Corporate Center and moved to Woodbridge, Illinois. This division tested and inspected new tires and tires under warranty.


Delsys Pharmaceutical, 11 Deer Park Drive, Suite 118, Princeton Corporate Plaza, Monmouth Junction 08852. Nancy M. Gray, vice president and general manager. 732-329-3407; fax, 732-329-8459. Home page:

Six years after Delsys Pharmaceutical Corporation was spun out of the Sarnoff Corporation, it is on its last legs, its own problems exacerbated by the financial woes of its parent, Elan Corporation.

In 2000 Elan, the Irish drug company, invested $4 million in Delsys, which at that point had 54 employees U.S. 1, September 6, 2000). As of February this year, Delsys counted 24 people on its staff.

The company’s initial technology promised to improve the quality, safety, and speed of manufacturing both tablets and dry powder inhalers. It allowed the active ingredient of a drug to be deposited in precise quantities at high speed onto a variety of surfaces. HealthCare Investment Corporation, headed by William W. Crouse, was the founding investor.

The technology that Delsys pioneered, electrostatic dry powder, was originally developed at Sarnoff for television picture tubes. A picture tube is really a piece of glass with a chemical coating on the inside. To lay down the chemicals in fine lines required for picture tubes, the powders of the chemicals are charged, and an opposite charge is put on the inside of the picture tube, so the charges attract each other.

In 1998 Delsys made a joint venture with Elan. It formed a majority owned subsidiary of Delsys in exchange for Elan’s $3 million equity investment. Delsys continued to acquire patents, licensing agreements, and investment deals.

But Elan is now $2 billion in debt. It reportedly notified employees on August 1 that it would sell the assets of Delsys and close its operations in New Jersey.

#h#Managements Moves#/h#

New Jersey Bankers Association, 4365 Route 1 South, Box 573, Princeton 08542-0573. W. Stuart Cameron, president. 609-520-1221; fax, 609-520-1290.

W. Stuart Cameron was promoted to head of the 80-member trade association, only the sixth chief executive in 100 years. A graduate of Barrington College in Rhode Island with a master’s degree from Seton Hall he represented Public Service Electric and Gas as management liaison to the state Board of Public Utilities. He has also held office in the Borough of Somerville and been a social studies teacher. He joined NJBA in 1987.

#h#Name Changes#/h#

BioLife Plasma Company, 223 North Center Drive, North Brunswick 08902. Carlton R. Swick. 732-422-4200; fax, 732-422-4418.

As a result of the sale of Sera-Tec Biologicals to Community Bio-Resources, a subsidiary of Baxter International, the name on the door has changed. The former controller of Sera-Tec, Carlton R. Swick, is in charge.

Mactec, 14 Washington Park, Building 1, Princeton Junction 08550. Deborah A. Barsotti, principal scientist. 609-936-0700; fax, 609-936-1020. Home page:

Harding ESE, an environmental consulting firm, has taken the name of its parent company, Mactec. Mactec, which was founded in 1873, has annual revenues of $520 million and 117 offices nationwide, including two others in New Jersey, one in Edison and one in Trenton. It offers environmental and engineering consulting services to commercial, industrial and government clients.

#h#Contract Awarded#/h# SES Americom Inc. (An SES Global Co.), 4 Research Way, Princeton 08540. Dean Olmstead, chief executive officer. 609-987-4000; fax, 609-987-4517. Home page:

Beginning next year, the History Channel will stray from its traditional role of reporting history to make some history instead: the channel, a member of A&E Television Networks (AETN), signed a long-term deal with the satellite company SES Americom that transfers the channel’s distribution responsibilities to SES Americom.

By utilizing next generation C-band satellites, the Research Way-based company will be able to increase the History Channel’s distribution capabilities, thus adding to the channel’s current audience of 83.2 million viewers.

"Americom’s extraordinary record of reliability in launching and maintaining the operational quality of their satellites made them a natural selection for us," says David Bellingham, vice president of AETN.

Founded in 1973, SES Americom has 200 employees at 4 Research Way. As a pioneer in global satellite communications services it has 16 spacecraft in orbit that provide service throughout the Americas, across Europe, over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and throughout Asia. Among its customers are AT&T Alascom, AOL TimeWarner, Gannett, the New York Times, and virtually all of the television networks.


Gregory Hines, 57, the virtuosic tap dancer, film and television actor, and Tony Award-winner, died of cancer on August 9. Since 1986 he served as the national honorary chair of American Repertory Ballet’s Dance Power, an innovative free dance training program in the New Brunswick public schools. Hines appeared three times as the featured performer at Dance Power’s annual concert at the State Theater, New Brunswick.

Frederik J. Bayless , 53, on August 13. He owned Bayless and Associates, a leadership development and strategic planning firm in Pennington, and was president of the Pennington Business and Professional Association.

Andrew A. Graham , 61, on August 13. He owned a courier service in Rocky Hill and a Hess service station and Mack tool company, both in Trenton.

Lester B. Golden Jr. , 80, on August 14. He had been a lab technician at American Cyanamid on Clarksville Road.

John Kirk Train Varnedoe , 57, on August 14. Formerly chief curator of painting and sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, he was on the faculty at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Mary Ellen Murphy , 62, on August 15. She had been a broker’s assistant at the Forrestal Village office of A.G. Edwards.

Frank Edwards Jones 52, on August 15. He worked at Educational Testing Service.

Emery J. Ungrady Sr ., 86, on August 16. He was a dentist in Trenton for 52 years.

Charles B. Anderson , 85, on August 17. Until two years ago he worked at RBC Dain Rauscher (formerly Tucker Anthony) on Nassau Street. A memorial service will be Sunday, August 24, at 5 p.m., at Princeton University Chapel.

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