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These articles were published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on June 9, 1999.

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MCI Systemhouse Bought Out by EDI

As part of a $17 billion deal with Electronic Data

Systems (EDS), MCI Systemhouse at Lenox Drive has a new name: the

International Public Safety Group of EDS. In April EDS bought MCI

Systemhouse for $1.65 billion in cash, and by the end of this month

MCI WorldCom — the parent company — and EDS will trade workers

and business groups.

"MCI had a lot of information technology (IT) professionals, and

EDS had a lot of telecommunication professionals," says Richard

Dale, who continues to be in charge of the Lenox Drive group after

the sale. "We decided to move the 12,000 IT folks to EDS, and

EDS is sending all the infrastructure and telephone-related things

to MCI WorldCom. We also do joint marketing and are tightly linked

but we changed the paychecks where it made sense."

The deal calls for MCI WorldCom to outsource much of its information

technology services to EDS and concentrate on end-to-end management

of voice and data communications on a preferred basis for EDS and

its customers. EDS will handle significant applications development

and maintenance services and virtually all of MCI WorldCom’s infrastructure


MCI Systemhouse (now EDS) has 9,000 workers and 120 offices worldwide.

With $1.7 billion in revenue last year, it is one of the industry’s

only single-source providers of convergence products and services

to enable businesses’ total networking, communications, and consulting

and outsourcing needs. Lucent Technologies is a competitor.

As an executive with MCI, Dale managed 20 percent of MCI SystemHouse,

which included the public safety and justice group on Lenox Drive.

That group’s major clients were, and are, the New York police and

fire departments, the City of Newark, the University of Pennsylvania’s

911 service, and the Ontario Integrated Justice project, a $170 million

IT project that integrates the courts and the prisons with the police

departments. The 20,000 foot office has 75 employees, some of whom

are spending time at Heaththrow Airport, since the group is on the

short list for getting a $1.8 billion contract for metropolitan London.

"We are the only group in the world that has done anything as

big as London, i.e. New York, and they want to outsource the entire

call handling ability," says Dale. "We are the only people

in the world who have done it, i.e., at the University of Pennsylvania

campus. When you dial 911 on campus, that phone is answered by one

of our employees."

The son of a medical researcher and an entrepreneur, Dale grew up

in Tacoma, and graduated from Western Washington University in 1983.

He worked for a while on 911 and internal systems for police departments

and for a division of Litton Industries before joining MCI. He lives

in Phoenix with his wife and three school-age children and commutes

to Princeton and his other office, in Seattle.

More than 12,000 employees primarily located in the U.S. and Canada

are expected to transition into employment with EDS from MCI WorldCom

and from Systemhouse. Approximately 1,000 EDS network employees from

around the world will be offered employment with MCI WorldCom.

"We have the name brand players on a world wide basis for justice,

fire, emergency medical services, and law enforcement," says Dale.

"Most of our guys invented the stuff or did the best applications.

Whether for a public or private entity, we are the only company in

the world to offer consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing."

— Barbara Fox

EDS (EDS), 989 Lenox Drive, Building 1, Suite 124,

Lawrenceville 08648. Richard E. Dale, operating executive. 609-406-7600;

fax, 609-406-7699. Home page:

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Contracts Awarded

Physiome Sciences, 307 College Road East, Princeton

08540. William A. Scott, CEO. 609-987-1199; fax, 609-987-9393. Home


Physiome Sciences just did a $15 million deal with PA Consulting —

the London headquarters, not the Enterprise Drive-based branch. Headed

by a former Bristol-Myers Squibb research director, Physiome Sciences

is the wunderkind company that is developing computer-based models

of human organs ("The Virtual Heart," U.S. 1, May 13, 1998).

"They bought an equity stake for $5 million and we got access

to some very novel software that will allow us to interconnect organs

in dynamic simulations," says William A. Scott, the founding CEO.

The second $5 million involves Scott’s firm using the software to

build a model of the immune system, and the third $5 million involves

stock options.

Scott knew PA’s chairman, Jon Moynihan, and together they came up

with the idea of using a business applications software for biotech

purposes. PA’s software, developed by the modeling practice PA-Pugh-Roberts

Associates, had previously been used to model decision networks and

economic cycles. Moynihan is now on Scott’s board of directors.

Last year Physiome had 10 employees in Princeton; the firm has expanded

to 8,000 square feet and has 18 employees here, including new hires

Stuart F. Laermer and Tom Colatsky. Laermer, formerly with Fisher

Scientific, is now vice president of business development. Colatsky,

formerly of Wyeth Ayerst, is now vice president of R&D and chief scientific


The heart of Scott’s operation is a supercomputer that holds within

its electronic brain a fully functional, three-dimensional, interactive

model of a working heart. The result of 30 years of research and made

possible only recently by significant advances in computing power,

Physiome’s "virtual heart" breaks down the millions and millions

of biological processes going on inside the heart, describes them

as mathematical equations, and then assembles them and all their actions

and interactions to create an electronic heart that "works"

just like a real one.

Because the known mechanics of the heart’s most basic cellular functions

underlie this virtual heart, it’s possible to reprogram the heart

by changing the equations that describe those cellular functions.

Scott’s firm is fairly well along on modeling the lung and has begun

work on reproducing the bladder.

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Name Changes

Pretiem, 195 Clarksville Road, Lawrenceville 08648.

Ezra Schneier, president. 609-297-3000; fax, 609-716-3062. Home


This employment reporting firm, formerly known as MIB Applicant Research

Corporation, is changing its name, telephone, and website address.

It was founded in 1937 to provide employment reports to the shipping

industry, it has broadened its coverage to other industries and wanted

a new brand identity. "We feel the new name reflects our emphasis

on having a `partnering’ relationship with our customers, and that

we are dedicated to helping them work more effectively," says

Ezra Schneier, president and CEO. In Latin, "pretiem" means


Customers can order and receive reports — including education

and employment verification and criminal and credit checks — from

their web browsers. "Internet technology allows our company to

function as a back office for customers’ HR departments," says

John Mathew, vice president.

Sycamore Ventures, 989 Lenox Drive, Building One,

Room 208, Lawrenceville 08648. Peter Gerry, partner. 609-219-0100;

fax, 609-219-0101.

Though it was formerly known by the name of one of its funds, CitiGrowth,

this venture capital firm will now use the name of its management

company. It funds that focus on high tech, health care, media, and

specialty retailing.

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New in Town

BostonCoach, 19 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Lou

Uritz, operating supervisor. 609-924-4090; fax, 609-924-4216. Home


An executive at Fidelity Investments Company had one too many bad

experiences with car services, it seems. He decided to start his own

executive ground transportation service specifically for Fidelity

employees. Today, that company — BostonCoach — has offices

in New York, Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago

and Minneapolis and a new satellite branch here at 19 Wall Street

with a fleet of 25 1999 Volvos. Todd Stephens, vice president and

regional manager in the Elizabeth office, wouldn’t say who his Princeton

area clients are, but pointed out that it was a good spot for executive

travel between Philadelphia and New York.

"Our decision to expand into Princeton was based not only on its

rapid growth," says Russ Cooke, president of BostonCoach, "but

also on requests from customers whose business brings them to central

New Jersey.

eComServer Inc., 132 Franklin Corner Road, Lawrenceville

08648. Lazbart Oseni, financial controller. 609-219-0550; fax, 609-951-2240.

Home page:

EComServer Inc., a software company dedicated to creating E-commerce

solutions with next generation technologies, opened a temporary office

at 132 Franklin Corner Road. The 15-person company will be moving

into an office at 116 Village Boulevard at the end of the month. Lazbart

Oseni, the financial controller for the company, says that the headquarters

here is still growing. The company has another office in Hyderabad,


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New at Exit 8A

Graybar Electric Company Inc., 4 Aurora Drive,

Cranbury Business Park, Cranbury 08512. Paul Milata, warehouse manager.

609-409-8100; fax, 609-409-2987.

Don’t look for a sign on this building at Cranbury Business Park because

it holds a warehouse, not a retail store. Graybar Electric Company

distributes more than 800,000 different electrical and communication/data

products made by such manufacturers as General Electric, Square D,

and Lucent Technology. This regional distribution center will ship

to retail outlets and wholesale customers from upstate New York to

Baltimore, says John Schooley, manager of corporate properties. Graybar

opened the brand-new facility during the first week in June.

The 416,000-foot building is owned by Prologos, which provides distribution

and light manufacturing complexes in the United States and internationally.

Cranbury Business Park is a 95-acre property 2.2 miles from Exit 8A.

With six buildings plus 57 additional acres, it has 821,600 square

feet, and 94 percent are occupied. Jules Nissim and Stan Danzig of

Cushman & Wakefield of New Jersey represented both the owner and the


Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Graybar had 7,000 people working

in 260 branches in the United States and Canada. It is employee-owned

and independent. Another Graybar site, on Nami Lane in Hamilton, sells

on a retail basis and also to contractors.

Total Logistic Control, 200 Docks Corner Road,

Dayton 08810. 732-274-1794; Home page:

The emergence of logistics specialists, formerly used only for military

applications, has forced CEOs to consider outsourcing their warehousing

and transportation. "Fifteen years ago no company would provide

both warehousing and transportation, even though the services were

interrelated," says a spokesperson for Total Logistic Control

(TLC). "What has emerged is `third party logistics,’ where companies

hire an outside firm to manage a supply chain, for either movement

of finished product to final consumption, or raw materials coming

into manufacturing plant."

TLC is moving into 89,000 square feet at 200 Docks Corner Road, a

facility that sports 32-foot ceilings, 30 dock doors, state-of-the-art

sprinklers, and frontage on the New Jersey Turnpike. It is owned and

managed by a joint venture between Matrix Development and AMB Property

Corporation, a New York City-based real estate investment trust.

Home Depot already occupies 162,478 feet, and Cosmair has 303,843

feet. Barnes & Noble will open a new facility that occupies 162,478

feet — different from the one at Middlesex Center Boulevard. Franco

Apparel, a dress manufacturing firm, has signed for 148,000 feet but

has no local telephone number as yet. Cooper Tire moved from New Brunswick

into a new 270,000 square foot East Coast Distribution Center and

will expand by 60,000 feet more.

TLC (Total Logistic Control) was founded in 1904 in Zeeland, the fruit

growing areas of west Michigan. Gary Sarner is president and CEO.

Realizing that its clients wanted more than just warehousing, it began

to offer transportation and inventory management services as well.

TLC has major accounts with Wampler Foods (for transportation of chicken)

and Rich Products (for distribution of pizza pockets and ice cream

novelties). Now its clients can use the Internet to track where their

inventory is, and the actual storage location is less important.

As those Michigan farmers knew, if you can handle ice cream in August,

you can handle just about anything.

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Princeton Engineering Group LLC, 637 Ridge Road,

Monmouth Junction 08852. Ira Guterman PE, principal. 732-355-0977;

fax, 732-355-0976.

Three engineers who worked with the architects at Ford Farewell Mills

& Gatsch (FFMG) left that Mapleton Road office on June 1 to open their

own practice on Ridge Road, but they will continue to provide mechanical

and electrical engineering services to FFMG and its clients, as well

as to other clients. "Thanks to thorough planning and coordination,

there will be no break in service to our clients," says James

A. Gatsch, FFMG managing partner.

Before Ira Guterman came to FFMG five years ago, he supervised a studio

of 25 engineers and draftspersons at Joseph R. Loring and Associates

in New York City. A mechanical engineering major at Cooper Union (Class

of 1973) with a master’s degree from the University of California,

he designed the mechanical systems for such projects as the State

House and the New Brunswick Cultural Center.

Richard S. Olzewski had also been at Loring; he is an electrical engineer

from the University of Michigan and Bloomfield College. The third

principal, David T. Brown, is a mechanical engineer from Penn State.

"It was an amicable departure," says Guterman, "but it

was time to move on. We’re still friends."

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Management Moves

MediMedia Managed Care LLC, 425 Phillips Boulevard,

Suite 100, Trenton 08618. Bradley Kozar, president, COO. 888-724-2302;

fax, 609-882-6202.

Robert P. Navarro has been appointed senior vice president in charge

of new product and business development at this 23-person agency.

With bachelor’s and doctor of pharmacy degrees from the University

of Minnesota he has been director of pharmacy services at United HealthCare

and managing director of the information service bureau of Express

Scripts/Value Rx, one of the largest pharmacy benefit management firms

in the nation. He was co-founder and first president of the Academy

of Managed Care Pharmacy and has edited two textbooks.

Sarnoff Corporation, CN 5300, Princeton 08543-5300.

James E. Carnes, president & CEO. 609-734-2000; fax, 609-734-2040.

Home page:

For the first time the Sarnoff Corporation has a chief financial officer,

James S. Crofton. As CFO and vice president, he will direct financial

and purchasing function and will also be responsible for internal

computer services. An alumnus of Michigan State with an MBA from the

University of Michigan, he has been chief financial officer at EA

Industries and spent more than 20 years at Unisys Corporation.

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Expansions: Print

AlphaGraphics Printshops of the Future, 12 Stults

Road, Suite 100, Dayton 08810. David Kovacs, general manager. 609-860-9444;

fax, 609-860-9449. Home page:

AlphaGraphics Printshop on Stults Road completed ISO certification

requirements on April 16, making it the only printing establishment

to conform to the quality standards set forth by the International

Organization for Standardization for industrial businesses and international

commerce. New procedures for taking and tracking orders, production,

packaging, and delivery will enable the company to maintain quality

and identify and correct errors. "ISO just gives us the extra

seal of approval," says David Kovacs, general manager of the franchise.

Late last year the printshop moved from 4095 Route 1 to a larger space

at 12 Stults Road in South Brunswick. Printing presses, full color

equipment, bindery machines and several new people have since been

added to the staff.

Mastergraphx, 45 Stouts Lane, Suite 14, Box 567,

Monmouth Junction 08852-0567. Robert E. Copeland, president. 732-329-0088;

fax, 732-329-0024.

Mastergraphx, a commercial printing company, has installed a Miehle

four-color perfecting press. A spokesperson says this should make

projects faster and more efficient.

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Construction Moves

Nomadic Expeditions, 1095 Cranbury-South River

Road, Suite 20 A, Jamesburg 08831. Jalsa Urubshurow, president. 609-860-9008;

fax, 609-860-9608.

All-Tech Inc., 1095 Cranbury-South River Road,

Suite 21, Jamesburg 08831. Jalsa and Leslie Urubshurow, principals.

609-860-8791; fax, 609-860-9530.

Compass Building Corp., 1095 Cranbury-South River

Road, Suite 20 B, Jamesburg 08831. Frank Amato, director of construction.

609-409-2600; fax, 609-409-2644.

A triumvirate of companies owned by Jalsa and Leslie Urubshurow moved

from 10,000 feet at Princeton Corporate Park (Deer Park Drive) to

1095 Cranbury South River Road. One of the companies is a construction

firm (All-Tech) said to be the largest residential construction firm

in the state. Also moving was a tour operator, Nomadic Expeditions,

which sells group and customized trips to Mongolia, Russia, China,

Tibet, and Nepal. Nomadic Expeditions recently annexed a wholesale

travel firm known as Mongolia Tourism Corporation of America.

A residential development firm managed by Frank Amato, Compass Realty

& Development, also moved from Deer Park Drive, to a suite at the

Jamesburg address.

Durell Builders/Construction Managers, 221 Witherspoon

Street, Princeton 08542. Chip Durell, owner. 609-683-0903; fax, 609-683-5488.

Chip Durell has moved his 12-person construction firm for the second

time in nine months, this time from 230 Nassau Street (formerly the

Gloria Nilson real estate office) to the Witherspoon Street building

previously occupied by Nassau Broadcasting. The move is a temporary

one until Durell locates a permanent headquarters (U.S. 1, December

9, 1998).

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Edward R. Godfrey, 51, on June 2. He was a stock trader

for TGS Management Corp. at 33 Witherspoon Street.

Richard A. VanDyke, 62, on June 2. He owned Dyke’s Dutch

Treat Luncheonette in Pennington.

Martha Teune Vander Welde, 54, on June 2. She was a bookkeeper

for BFI Waste in Cranbury.

Jerene V. Myrick, 69, on June 4. She had been a legal

secretary with Mason Griffin & Pierson.

Harriet R. Frank Rosenberg, 57, on June 5. She owned Trophy

Shack and Stinky Pinks in Hightstown.

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