It’s summer time. We all want to be in beach body shape, but don’t have the time to hit the gym or yoga studio and sweat our way there. It would be great, but it’s not reality. Thanks to advances in nutrition science from MBX in Lawrenceville, there is a way. And it’s through the use of foods — high nutrient foods — that can help your body shed that extra weight, fix itself, and make you feel and look great with minimum exercise.

At MBX, we help people all over North America lose weight everyday based on their body’s essential nutrient needs. Humans require these special nutrients daily to sustain life, grow, and repair. And they are not optional. Unfortunately, the foods people buy every day at grocery stores and restaurants don’t have enough, or any, of these required essential nutrients. And when people consume these low nutrient foods all day every day, they gain weight and alter the state of their body because they are taking in high levels of nonessential, empty calories. If this were the opposite, we wouldn’t have high obesity, diabetes, and skyrocketing cases of dementia.

At MBX, we specialize in essential nutrition and food science and help people successfully lose weight through the use of fast & convenient high nutrient Food programs. The simple switch to MBX foods allows the average person to shed 10 to 20 unwanted pounds quickly. The reason is MBX foods are created from essential nutrients and not “empty calories.” That important compositional difference helps the body boost metabolism, reduce inflammation, stimulate brain functions, feed our systems, and more. Additionally, as the body takes in the nutrients in the quantities needed, it triggers a nutrient sensing satiety (NSS) reaction. This means the body and brain are no longer hungry because they are satisfied. Daily NSS equals sustainable, long-term weight loss. And it’s effective for males and females of all ages.

The MBX products and programs are currently available through physicians and certified coaches. Starting July 1, the company’s new MBX Center for Essential Nutrient Weight Loss & Wellness opens to the public at 15 Princess Road in Lawrenceville. The center’s services include:

• Essential Nutrient Weight Loss Programs

• Anti-Aging Nutrition Programs

• BETR4U Foods & Cooking Series

• Health & Wellness Programs

• Sports & Fitness Nutrition Programs

MBX and the MBX Center are spearheaded and directed by the award winning nutrition and food scientist Chip Marsland, whose 25 year career has provided the world with great advancements in protein, nutrition, and food sciences. Starting July 1, you can have one of the world’s leading experts help you lose weight, feel great, and look great. Appointments are limited, so call 609-620-1780 x205 and book yours today.

MBX Center for Essential Nutrition Weight Loss & Wellness, 15 Princess Road, Lawrenceville.

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