We each define success by a different yardstick,” says Katherine Kish, founder and president of Market Entry, Inc., in Cranbury. Unfortunately, we often allow outside forces to define success for us. “A Hollywood actress might define success by how many times she is mentioned in People magazine, or a business person might define it by being quoted on CNBC,” she notes as examples.

But Kish believes life is much richer than the stereotype standards often set out by our consumer culture. “I think that there’s a new normal that has been brought about by this ‘Great Recession,’ of the past year or so,” she says. “We are questioning whether success is about owning a McMansion or how many cars are in the driveway. We are starting to look at interaction and closeness with our family and our community as a new measure of success.”

Our economy is changing, she notes. “There are many people right now who are unemployed and underemployed and many jobs have gone away forever.” In fact, she adds, some predictions show that the country won’t see “full employment as we used to define it before 2015 or 2017.”

“That means we have to think about work in a new way, and develop a new measure of success,” Kish says. Her business, Market Entry, helps people, products, services, and organizations do just that. “We are all about launching, re-launching, re-defining and rebranding great ideas, new or old; about taking them and introducing them to the market place in the most powerful way,” she explains.

Kish doesn’t measure her own success by just one business or one activity. She is also the co-executive director of Einstein’s Alley, an organization designed to bring new business success to the central Jersey region. “Einstein’s Alley has all of the elements for success,” she says. We have smart, ambitious people here. We have five great institutions of higher learning in Mercer County alone and we have the advantage of a great location in one of the world’s important trading zones ––all excellent conditions for economic development.”

She is also active in Leadership New Jersey and the American Conference on Diversity. Leadership New Jersey is a non-profit group that seeks out men and women with successful professional lives who are also engaged in their community as civic leaders. American Conference on Diversity works with leaders to create and enhance a society that embraces social justice for everyone.

The thread running through each of Kish’s activities, she explains, “Is that they are all about working with good ideas whose time has come.”

Market Entry, Inc. 18 George Davison Road, Cranbury. 609-799-8898. info@marketentryinc.com.

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