Perhaps unusual for a landlocked area, Princeton has a half-dozen businesses that concern themselves with what happens on the high seas. The most recent marine news concerns Captain Sanjiv Beri, a veteran of the seas and of the marine insurance business, who left a Hightstown Road-based firm (OOPs) and opened the headquarters office of a similar firm, ECM Maritime, on Independence Way in September. The current staff of 12 is expected to grow to 30 in a couple of months, and globally the company has more than 150 employees in Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and two offices in California.

ECM is a private firm, whereas OOPS is now owned by a public firm that also owns a cleanup contracting company.

ECM was the first company to be founded in response to the Exxon Valdeze disaster, when Congress passed the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. If a client had an oil spill, it would spring into action to help. But since 9/11, it has added another client service — security. “After 9/11 we keep very busy developing contingency plan and preparing training packages to prepare our clients for any eventuality,” says Beri.

Major clients include the U.S. Coast Guard, various European insurance companies (called protection and indemnity clubs), oil companies, and shipping companies in Norway, UK, Italy, and Japan. “I do the client relations and hold seminars for our clients worldwide to prepare them for the regulatory requirements of the United States,” says Beri.

Born in northern India, Beri graduated from South Shields Marine Academy in United Kingdom in 1980 and spent 11 years as ship captain. He earned his master’s degree in transportation management from the State University of New York Maritime College.

ECM Maritime, 5 Independence Way, Suite 309, Princeton 08540; 609-514-0202; fax, 609-514-0122. Captain Sanjiv Beri, CEO. Home page:

More Marine Firms

Freight Cargo Logistics LLC, 45 Tamarack Circle, Skillman 08558; 609-688-8642; fax, 609-688-8662. Silvio Travia, president. Home page:

Freight Cargo Logistics recently moved from rental space at 20 Wall Street to Skillman. The company, about two years old, has grown quickly, from 4 to 20 employees over the last year and a half; it recently hired a sales team. The firm’s name captures its business activity; it serves as the agent that arranges transportation for importers and exporters, for example, booking containers in ships from overseas. It used to be called Embassy Cargo Shipping.

Captain Warren Leback, 475 Wall Street, Research Park, Princeton 08540; 609-683-4522; fax, 609-683-9633. Consultant to the maritime industry.

Chartwell Navigation Inc., 370 Wall Street, Princeton 08540; 609-497-2881; fax, 609-924-5906. Kenneth Carr, president. A Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) providing export and import transportation services.

Jebsens (USA), 212 Carnegie Center, Suite 206 B, Princeton 08540; 609-919-6350; fax, 609-452-8950. Ronald E. Orton, president. Home page: Logistical services and bulk transportation of grain, fertilizer, metals, and minerals by carrier ships, privately held global firm, headquartered in Bergen, Norway.

OOPS Inc. (O’Brien Oil Pollution Services), 186 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Windsor Business Park, Building 3B, West Windsor 08550; 609-275-9600; fax, 609-275-9444. Christopher Gregory, vice president. Home page: Crisis management for vessels at sea, owned by Seacor Holdings Inc.

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