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Management Moves

Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics,

Lewis Thomas Lab, Princeton 08544. James Broach, associate

director. 609-258-3601; fax, 609-258-1301.

James Broach, new associate director of the genomics institute, will

oversee the institute’s operations until a new director is chosen to

succeed Shirley M. Tilghman. Tilghman will become the university’s

19th president in June but will remain as the official director until

the search is completed.

Eric F. Wieschaus, a molecular biology

professor and the winner of the 1995 Nobel prize for research on

genetic control of embryonic development, will chair the committee.

The institute’s new building is expected to finished by 2002. Broach

has degrees from Yale and the University of California at Berkeley and

has been a member of the Princeton faculty since 1984.

The institute is a multi-disciplinary center that does research on

dynamic properties of biological systems using integrated

computational and experimental approaches.

Mercer County Community College, 1200 Old

Trenton Road, Box B, Trenton 08690. Robert R. Rose, president.

609-586-4800; fax, 609-587-4666. Home page: www.mccc.edu

Yet another Canadian has been named president of a Princeton area

college. Just as Shirley Tilghman takes over at Princeton University,

Mercer County Community College names Robert R. Rose as its new

president. A graduate of the University of Alberta, he has a master’s

degree from the University of Oregon and a PhD in community college

leadership from the University of Texas at Austin. He had been

academic dean at a community college in Minnesota, vice president of

Galveston College in Texas, and president of Massasoit Community

College in Massachusetts. Coauthor of "Shared Vision: Transformational

Leadership in American Community Colleges," he is known as a skillful

fundraiser and catalyst for change.

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Out of Business

World PCS, 29 Emmons Drive, Building G-30,


08540. Steve Lam.

World PCS has closed its 10-person 4,000-foot office at Princeton

Commerce Center. PCS was founded by the World Communications Group,

a Hazlet firm that sold wireless voice and Internet access


equipment systems to China and other developing countries (U.S. 1,

August 11, 1999). Steve Lam was in charge of the Princeton office,

but the company president was located in Atlanta.

PCS stands for Personal Communications Services and is a second


digital technology suitable for college campuses or third world


Called wireless local loop, it is used for the "last mile"

or "local loop," because it links the major telephone


base station to the home. But wireless PCS phones could range only

one-half mile from a transmitter or base station, as opposed to


phones with a very wide range and signals that can be transmitted

by towers up to 3 miles apart.

Business Week Online reports a "rash of bankruptcies" among

similar local multipoint distribution system (LMDS) companies, in

part because "getting a clean line of site from transmitters has

proved problematic in cities." The magazine points to the trend

to the more powerful fixed wireless technology, Multichannel


Distribution System (MMDS), which offers inexpensive Internet and

phone service within a 30-square-mile radius of a powerful



Anicom Inc. (ANIC), 1 Broadway Road, Suite 1,


08512. 609-409-2832; fax, 609-409-4380. Home page:


This company went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is closing down,

both here at this 40-person warehouse, and at its headquarters in

Rosemont, Illinois (near Chicago). The reported reason for the


was an SEC investigation into stock fraud. It billed itself as


solution for voice, video, datapower and security systems.

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George J. Ivers, 78, on May 8. He was a designer at Lenox

and Cybis and wrote "Escape Into Danger" about his World War II


Cynthia A. Chrisner, 64, on May 27. She was a pastor at

Windsor United Methodist Church.

Osman Giovanni Castro, 30, on May 29. He was assistant

service manager at Z&W Mazda on Route 206.

Joseph B. Richardson Sr., 57, on May 29. He owned Cadillac

Joe Service Center and had worked at Colonial Cadillac.

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