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Management Moves: New at NEC


NEC Research Institute Inc., 4 Independence Way,

Princeton 08540. David Waltz, president. 609-520-1555; fax, 609-951-2481.

Home page:

Look for some commercial spinoffs when the former vice president of

the computer science division of NEC Research Institute, David Waltz,

becomes president. On April 1 he succeeds C. William Gear, who remains

as an executive advisor.

Waltz went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Class of 1965),

where he also received his graduate degrees. He taught at the University

of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, directed data mining and text retrieval

at Thinking Machines Corporation, and since 1993 has been an adjunct

professor of computer science at Brandeis University and also vice

president at this institute, the U.S. basic research unit of NEC Corporation.

Founded in 1988, the institute conducts research in Web and robust

computing, intelligence, vision and language, materials, nanophysics,

biophysics, theoretical computer sciences, and physics.

Steve Lawrence and C. Lee Giles began turning the expectations of

the Internet world upside down when they revealed that search engine

technology was not as good as everyone thought it was (U.S. 1, May

27, 1998 and July 14, 1999.) Waltz was the vice president in charge

of the Lawrence/Giles research, so perhaps it will produce the

first commercial product to hatch at 4 Independence Way.

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Name Changes: Formal to Pedagogue

The company moniker was a good name — Formal Systems

— but the product name, Pedagogue Testing, was better known. Now

the name of the company and the name of the product are the same.

Stephen Just founded the Thanet Circle-based firm in 1983 and named

it Formal Systems, after the theories of Swiss psychologist, Jean

Piaget. Its major product, Pedagogue Testing, is an E-learning testing

and assessment tool, a template-driven authoring system for enterprise-wide

training. Deployed through E-mail, intranet, or website, it tracks

responses and gives feedback to participants (U.S. 1, March 4, 1998).

"The product was better known than we were," says Just. "We

are developing new products for the online marketplace — a virtual

library system, a virtual university, and a tutorial system. We played

around with different names and decided to continue the Pedagogue

name through all of our services. It made sense then, since we were

branding this name and have a registered trademark, to be known by

that name."

The newly-named Pedagogue Solutions derives 90 percent of its income

from pharmaceutical clients, and the three largest clients are Wyeth-Ayerst,

Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Pfizer. Its multimedia offerings include

intranets, websites, testing and assessment systems, computer-based

training, and the development of virtual universities. The son of

a marketer of imported cameras and photographic equipment, Just majored

in physics at State University of New York at Stony Brook and came

to Rutgers, in 1968, for two master’s degrees and a doctoral degree.

He directed the research computing group at Mathematica Policy Research

and worked on a UNIX authoring system at Bell Labs.

Just started out developing individual courses and now has three business


Learning Solutions, with enterprise-level learning systems,

primarily in a vertical market, the pharmaceutical industry. "We

develop courseware and structural components," says Just. "The

content is proprietary to each client but there is some overlap. Our

virtual universities are built with open standards; anyone’s content

can fit."

Testing and assessment systems.

Website development on the Internet. "Many product

websites are education driven," says Just.

But Just doesn’t want anyone to think his work is limited to

the drug industry. "Our testing solutions can be sold anywhere,

they are not content specific," he says. "Our only challenge

is finding good people: instructional designers, web designers, graphic

artists, account managers. We could add a half dozen people tomorrow."

Pedagogue Solutions, 100 Thanet Circle, Suite 105,

Princeton 08540. Steven Just, president. 609-921-7585; fax, 609-921-8248.

Home page:

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Helmsman to Ebudgets.Com

Forget about hiding an expenditure until it is too late

to cancel the purchase. Online accounting — which keeps track

of spending in real time — can uncover spendthrifts.

"Today’s new economy demands budgeting solutions that allow a

company to take control of their planning process in real-time,"

says Ken Kay. He is CEO of the Helmsman Group, at Princeton Meadows

Office Center, which is changing its name to match its new product, Says Kay: " reflects our belief

that budgeting must keep pace with today’s E-business."

The son of a Korean diplomat who majored in finance at the University

of Chicago, Class of 1978, Kay earned his MBA there as well. He founded

the firm in 1989, and its clients are firms that do $50 million to

$1 billion in sales. With such clients as Countrywide Home Loans,

Toronto Dominion Bank,, Western Wireless, GenProbe, and

Amerada Hess, targets the middle market for its budgeting,

forecasting, and planning software. (U.S. 1, June 16, 1999).

The product allows users to control expenses and set spending limits

to keep the budget aligned with corporate goals. For instance, the

product can monitor employee purchase requests in real time and take

steps to control spending before an unauthorized or "over budget"

item is purchased. It is also easily revised, so any changes are immediately

reflected in the procurement system.

Managers can collaborate on budgeting in real-time by using their

web browsers, user bulletin boards, automated E-mail reminders, shared

documents in collaborative folders, and posted budgeting instructions.

"We no longer live in the slow-paced world of passive budgeting

where spreadsheets were sufficient," says Kay. "A web-based

approach is the only way to put control back into the hands of corporate

finance.", 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1236,

Plainsboro 08536. Kenneth Kay, president. 609-275-9416; fax,

609-275-6512. Home page:

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Start-Ups: Consulting Corner

Princeton Performance Dynamics, 81 Bertrand Drive,

Princeton 08540. Helene Mazur, president. 609-924-9399; fax, 609-924-9533.


After a 20 year career in the technical aspects of financial services,

Helene Mazur is going on her own. "I am building on all the things

I’ve done over the years," says Mazur. She has affiliated herself

with Resource Associates Corporation in Reading, Pennsylvania, a strategic

and organizational development company.

Helene Drucker Mazur was born on Long Island, went to the State University

of New York at Albany, Class of 1980, and has an MBA from New York

University. Her husband works in the pharmaceutical industry, and

they have two children, four and seven.

Mazur worked for Electronic Data Systems in Boston, Dallas, and Southern

California. Then, in Manhattan, she worked for Dean Witter Reynolds

and Bankers Trust. Among her jobs at Merrill Lynch was strategic planning

for the financial consultant workstations in conjunction with the

websites. She traveled nationally to sell Merrill Lynch’s plans for

outsourcing benefit services.

"It was a challenging job and I loved it, but I’ve done my traveling,"

says Mazur. The first criteria for being her client is, be local.

Results, 19 Aster Court, Belle Mead 08502. Abe

Gutman, owner. 908-281-7338. E-mail:

A graduate of Buffalo State University, Abe Gutman worked for big

companies such as Kodak and Johnson & Johnson before moving to smaller

firms. That whetted his appetite for going out on his own.

Gutman describes his company as "action oriented" and as specializing

in strategic marketing and sales services for businesses in the health

care industry. "We use a team of senior executives to work closely

with a company’s management team — to assess business needs, develop

a strategy, recommend the best tactical options, and work in harmony

with your team to design and deliver customized marketing and sales

solutions on time and on target," says Gutman.

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