Last Friday, January 8, was one of those slow news days that we in this business dread. That morning the New York Times had one headline slightly relevant to our area, but it was about what wasn’t happening, not what was happening: “Further Slide Seen in Commercial Real Estate.” Driving past the poster building for Princeton’s sluggish commercial real estate market, University Square, the unoccupied building at the corner of Route 1 and Alexander Road, we couldn’t help but wonder how long this economic winter will last.

But then, in the mid-afternoon, we saw a ray of sunshine: Weichert Commercial announced the signing of a 26,000 foot lease at University Square. That coupled with a 65,000 foot lease announced late last year brings the building up to nearly a third full.

We hope you will find that news, reported on page 39 of this issue, to be some good news. We also hope that some of you learned about it shortly after we did, by subscribing to the RSS feed from our website,, which announced the news Friday at around 3:20 p.m. As we ramp up our online publishing capabilities (through both the RSS feed and our Twitter account) we expect to post more breaking news as a way to complement — but not replace — our print news.

As always we will value your time. Some news and information shouldn’t be conveyed more than once a week. Other news — especially a ray of sunshine on a gloomy Friday — should go forth as soon as possible. If you see news of either variety, contact our editor:

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