The past winter has been devastating to your roofing and siding. Mainstreet Siding Home Improvements is ready. Murray Gilbert has been in the business for nearly 50 years, and has seen not only the times change, but also materials and building techniques. Today’s siding products are much hardier and long lasting.

"The siding industry has been changing," said Gilbert, who co-owns the business with Thomas Maslowski. "Cement siding is becoming increasingly popular, replacing the vinyl that eclipsed aluminum siding in the last 20 years."

Gilbert says cement siding is a real improvement. It’s attached in long panels, and is termite- and fire-proof. The panels are five times thicker than vinyl, and is painted to look like wood, right down to the grain. It doesn’t rust, mildew or mold, and there’s no maintenance. Best of all, cement siding carries a 15- and 25-year paint guarantee. The cost is not much more than vinyl siding. Mainstreet has many cement siding jobs for you to look at in your area.

Gilbert knows his business. He started out in home improvements in the 1960s, and then worked for a wholesaler. In 1980, he launched his own company, which he sold in 2000. However, after three months, retirement was over, and he was back in business with Maslowski, an engineer, who was one of his customers.

Both Gilbert and Maslowski are hands-on. They are on job sites every day, supervising and assuring quality. Gilbert believes the company’s highly trained workers, attention to detail and customer service sets it apart from the rest. "I keep people informed, so they know the status of their projects," he noted. "Every detail is important, from the permits to where the dumpster will go."

Mainstreet Siding Home Improvement is headquartered in Mercerville, and has clients all over New Jersey and in Bucks County, Pa. The majority of his clients come from Princeton, Lawrenceville, Pennington and West Windsor.

"We are competitively-priced, with an emphasis on quality," Gilbert said. To reach Gilbert directly, call 609-558-5102. For more information or an appointment, call 609-584-9572, or visit them on the web at

Mainstreet Siding Home Improvements, PO Box 3278, Trenton. 609-584-9572.

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