Many gyms say they stand out from the crowd. They tout their trainers, their equipment and the experiences they offer.

But most fail to actually provide a personalized service and they blend together like the music blaring through common speakers.

“After spending time in gyms and with trainers for more than 20 years, we knew there was a level of service missing. We knew we could re-invent personal training,” said Carrie Johnson, who, along with her husband Mel, opened M3 Studios at 5 Railroad Place in Hopewell.

They launched M3 Studios, an exclusive, 1,200 square foot, boutique fitness environment that focuses on functional training and results. “Everything is customer centric and focused on each client’s personal needs,” said Johnson.

The M3 approach to personal training is unique. First, there is Mel Johnson, who has 20 years experience as a trainer. He married personal training with a private environment and a deep focus on results. Second, there is the exclusive use of top-of-the-line equipment and facilities. And third, there is an unmatched focus on high-end customer service and amenities.

“Our service is really on a concierge level,” said Johnson. “We have studied how people are treated at boutique hotels, how they like to be cared for when they travel and how they feel when their needs are met. This is the level of personal attention we offer,” she said.

At M3 Studios, service is personalized to every degree. “Mel makes sure everyone has a unique approach to train for his or her own goals and results. We’re simply not a giant gym where inexperienced trainers show everyone how to use the equipment in the same way. To get results, you have to personalize the training,” she said.

Results vary greatly based on the desire. For example, beyond helping people get fit, Johnson trains people with Multiple Sclerosis. “For them, one more hour a day out of the wheel chair is a goal,” said Johnson. Other goals focus on strength training and flexibility, regaining range of motion in the arms or legs after physical therapy or training a runner for the New York Marathon.

“Mel knows how to motivate people, how to encourage people and how to personalize a program. That’s why our business is taking off,” said Johnson. And it’s taking off to the tune of more than 50 clients already. These are people who value the personalized service and use the Studio 2 or more times a week.

Clients get the best equipment, including, cardiovascular pieces and strength and flexibility training stations. They also get amenities like custom-programmed iPods, complimentary water, coffee, tea and towel service. Most importantly, they find a private training environment free of distractions. There are never more than two trainers in the studio at any one time.

“We really are very unique in our offerings and are quite different from a typical health club. M3 Studios is a highly personalized fitness training facility. We offer a trainer with 20-years experience and we offer an environment where we inspire, inform and empower people to achieve their best personal fitness goals,” said Johnson.

For a private tour of the studio, call 609-333-0096 or visit

M3 Studios. 5 Railroad Place, Hopewell. 609-333-0096.

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