If you let me get close enough to kiss your
eyes, your face, lose my nose without a
trace into your heavenly scents,

I will then curl around your chest, and
listen for your heart’s content. And I will
take your hands to touch my hair and
everywhere. I may shed a tear or two, like

When I choose to love you, I will submit to
you — the songs of a repertoire I have
acquired my life long. For your pleasure, I
will sing as I make you dance in the moonlight and on the beach.

I will plant my feet at your side and know
when to be quiet, and know when to ride
the tide. In rough waters, God will be our
anchor, and I will hold on tight to you.

I will fill your quiet place with whispers,
noise, and laughter. Even in my silence
you will hear the rustling of my kisses
trying to get to you.

Oddly, you will miss me when I’m away.
But I will always be back stronger another
day because I will be the song that only
you can push to play.

Lillian LaSalle lives in Hopewell and serves as executive director of the Office on Aging in Lawrence Township. She is the mother of three adult children and three grandchildren. She has been published in various educational and community publications.

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