Eyes pop open

digital pixels yell 5:30 at my eyeballs!

Hubby snores raggedly

on the downside

of the mattress mountain.

Bee-line to the throne then into the glass-enclosed shower,

relish the water’s warmth as it pellets against my bod.

Slip into panties

snap the sisters in place,

zip inside the jumpsuit.

Panera Card

Solara keys back out top down African locks

blowing in the wind Bob Dylan’s voice moans.

Exit our gated community for a cup-of-morning Joe.

Turn right onto

Edgebrook Road

no road humps rubber meets road,

hands on the wheel music in my ears.

Right turn into Hamilton Marketplace Mall.

I see him.

Walking against traffic

encased in his humongous

brown bear onesie,

pushing a Shop-Rite cart

stuffed with his belongings:

balloon-bloated bags.

Snatch up my Leica.

Snap the lens. He turns.

We look eye-to-eye.


Tell somebody I’m here.

Mitchell is retired from the West Windsor-Plainsboro schools. She now lives in Hamilton and recently received an MFA from Drew.

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